Salem, OR — Welcome back to another season of the 2K Online Franchise League! We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and are looking forward to the new season as we are. As some of you might know, a year ago we announced that the league will not be buying Madden brand new anymore. What that means is this upcoming season will be a continuation of our league on Madden 21.

Now let’s get into the Off-season activities and the draft schedule.

Starting this weekend on Friday, August 6th at 5 PM PST we will begin with the resigning period. This is the last chance teams have to sign players or franchise tag those players that are trying to hold out for free agency.

Free agency stages will advance every 24hrs between 7 PM PST and 10 PM PST, advance times are random. There are three stages to free agency so make sure you are active during this time to avoid not having enough players when season 22 begins.

8.06.2021 | Offseason Re-Sign
8.10.2021  |Re-signs stage ends

8.10.2021 | Offseason Stage 1 — *Free Agency/Trades/Scouting
8.11.2021 | Offseason Stage 2 — *Free Agency/Trades/Scouting
8.12.2021| Offseason Stage 3 — *Final Free Agency/Trades/Scouting
8.13.2021 | Offseason Stage 4 — *Trades/Scouting Only
8.14.2021 | Offseason Stage 5 — Draft — Saturday night 6PM PST / 9PM EST

The Following Steps will happen immediately after the Draft:

8.14.2021 | Offseason Stage 6 — Rookie Signings
8.14.2021 | Offseason Stage 7 — Position Changes (See league rules for more info and restrictions)
8.14.2021| Preseason Begins — Preseason advances are every 48hrs
Reminder – Teams are only allowed 2 transactions per round for free, for the first two weeks of the preseason, you can earn more if you have 15 or more points and no free signings of any players with hidden DEV. The league has to take this step in order to avoid the excessive trading that has occurred in the past.