League Rules

Weekly Progression

League advances are every 3 days / 72 hrs at 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST. All games must be played by the day of the advance. Under no circumstances will we put the advance on hold for anyone. Only exception to the advances will be on holidays, specifically Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Game broadcasting

All games are required to be broadcasted, all league members receive access to broadcast to the league’s official YouTube channel. Failure to broadcast will result in a warning, a second warning will result in a one week in-game suspension, the third warning may result in removal from the league. For a full breakdown on how to stream properly check out this video.


When scheduling it is best to give a specific date and time, do not leave it open to “whenever”.
The league highly recommends scheduling your games as early as possible, doing so will give you and your opponent plenty of time in the event they cannot make it on the originally specified date. Once a game has been scheduled, on the Discord scheduling channel, you have 24hrs to respond. If you do not respond within 24hrs you will be set to AUTO.

Do not schedule your game 24 hours before advance. Schedule as soon as possible, meaning as soon as you are done playing your game for the week, schedule your game for next week, which should be more than enough time for everyone to respond, no excuses!

If a user is late 15 minutes or more the user that showed up on time will have the option to play CPU or get the forced win.

If you miss a game versus the CPU and you do not inform the league you will receive an automatic loss.

Gameplay Rules

Games vs the CPU: Play the CPU the same way you would an opponent, the above Gameplay rules are to be followed even when playing the CPU.

Don’t use the CPU games as a way to pat your stats and unfairly gain XP. If you think of playing CPU games as practice, then this league is not for you.


  • Players in motion must come to a complete stop before the snap.
  • Flipping the play at the line of scrimmage is banned. You may only flip the play in the playbook selection screen.
    • We gathered enough evidence to show that flipping plays at the line of scrimmage often leads to defensive A.I. breaking.
    • This rule might change as we gather new evidence with Madden 24.


  • You cannot move ANY players pre-snap on defense, outside of shifts, and press/sag off coverage unless you are usering them. If you move a player pre-snap on defense you must user them for that play.
    • This was another rule the league implemented due to some users knowing how to break the offensive line A.I coverage.
    • This rule might change as we gather new evidence with Madden 24.

Special Teams

  • No scum kicking. Use of this will result in a one-week suspension and an auto loss during the week of the suspension.

Stat Caps

In Madden 21 we introduced Stat Caps. Stat Caps ensure stats are kept realistic and also stops users from overusing one player.

It is your responsibility to tell a commissioner why you went over the cap.

There are some development scenarios where you might need to get 5 TDs or more yards than what the new stat cap allows. In those cases, please send a screenshot of the development scenario screen to the commissioner.

  • 60 points in a game
  • QBs: 450 passing yards OR 4 passing TDs
  • RBs: 300 all-purpose yards OR 3 total TDs
  • WRs: 225 receiving yards OR 3 receiving TDs


Quitting on purpose will not be tolerated. It will result in immediate removal from the league.

Ready up screen

On the ready-up screen, users are required to show their playbooks. League will remind the user(s) violating this rule. If repeated offenses user(s) will be warned or suspended for a week.

Custom Playbooks

Custom playbooks are not allowed. This is to minimize anyone from filling out a playbook with money plays. The league does review games and if you are caught using a custom playbook at any point in time, regular season, or playoffs, you will be immediately removed from the league.


The use of no-huddle is only allowed in the last 2 min of the 2nd quarter when you are losing and the same in the 4th quarter. The exception is if you are down 3 scores with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter you may also use no-huddle at that time. The league will take a close look at your scores and stats vs the CPU. No-huddle can be used to gain XP in an unfair manner vs the CPU and will not be tolerated.

*There are some exceptions to this rule. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to run no-huddle if a user is down 4 or more scores. Once the user cuts the deficit to a 3 score game then all other no-huddle rules will apply.

Play Calling

The league uses PlayCall Cooldown, which is set to 7, and PlayCall Limit which is set to 4.

2 Pt. Conversions and on-side kicks

2 Pt. Conversions and onside kicks are only to be in certain situations, (ex- late in the game to tie up when down by two, need to get the ball back in 4th quarter.) DO NOT use it when you have the game completely out of reach.

Punts and 4th downs

Do not go for it on 4th down if you are in total control of your game!

Punt on 4th down or take the 3 points. Don’t go for it on 4th and 10 (unless you need to if late in the game.) Just think of what a real NFL team would do in 4th down situations.


  • Do not use known exploits. For some of you that don’t know what those are; Basically, any play that there is no way to stop, no matter what you do you cannot do anything about it because it is an exploit in the code. If someone, does it to you, post the video to the site and I will give that person a warning if it is legit.
  • The league reviews all games. Keep in mind that because there are so many games it can take a week or more to review them all. If at any point, any week, in the season the league notices an exploit was used, the user who did it is subject to a league warning or immediate removal from the league.

Position Changes

  • No WR to TE or HB – LB’s can be moved to LE/RE and vice versa.
  • LE/RE can be moved to DT and vice versa.
  • Secondary positions can be moved to another secondary position (CB, SS, FS)
  • No secondary to LB positions
  • For O-Line players, you are allowed RG to LG, RT to LT, and DT to DE
  • Also no continuously moving positions every week. Players have abused this in the past for training XP

Player edits

Users are NOT allowed to change the following.

  • Player’s names
  • QB Throwing style
  • The commissioner of the league is required to broadcast any edits he makes to his or other players. In previous years edits to various players have had to be made in order to correct a player’s contract or position.

X-Factor/Super Star Abilities

Starting with Madden 23, the league will have X-Factors/Super Star Abilities turned on.


  • A microphone is not required during games, but it makes it much easier to communicate with your opponent if you feel a rule has been broken or you get disconnected for some reason.


  • No two teams are allowed to wear dark or light-colored jerseys at the same time. If the two teams are wearing the same color jerseys, restart the game and select opposite color jerseys.
  • The home team’s jerseys must be either white or official team colors throughout the season, and visiting clubs must wear the opposite.
  • In playoff games, the same rule as above applies and no 3rd or color rush jerseys may be used.

Play with class

  • Do not run up the score on an opponent or use hatred or vulgar language towards them.
  • If you have any issues with your opponent, you may let him know about it but you are NOT allowed to send messages that might be taken as direct insults. Any messages along the lines of this “You f**suck! F**You for quitting, You’re an idiot” will not be tolerated and can result in an automatic one-game suspension or removal from the league. If you truly have an issue with your opponent let us know and the league will take action against those who have violated any league rules.
  • Some of the games will be a blowout, which does happen in real life. However, we can’t think of any good excuse why if you are winning by more than 21 you go for it on 4th down, no excuse. If you are blowing out your opponent, don’t keep trying to score, back off a little.
  • Do not try and score if you have locked up the win. Anyone who tries to score when all they need to do is kneel to run out the clock will be given a warning. This includes games vs the CPU.
  • Take the loss vs the CPU DO NOT QUIT OR TRY TO RESTART YOUR GAME!! If you truly value this league, if you truly understand what playing sim football is then you will understand that a loss against the CPU is part of the game.


  • All trades must be approved before users trade with another user or CPU.
  • All trade requests must be posted on the league’s official Discord server in the Trades Request Channel.
  • Users cannot make more than 2 trades in a week and will be limited to the amount of trades in a season. This is on a case-by-case basis. Users who show a commitment to the league and their team will be subject to more “accepted trades” than users who are new and might leave the league after a short time.
  • Following week 2 of the pre-season, all users are required to have a minimum of 15 points, see Point System section for details.

*Point System 

We use a point system to encourage participation in the league that goes beyond just playing your game. We encourage all users to participate by commenting on posts on the site, creating their own news articles, or tell the admins of cool play(s) you had in game that can be used in our weekly “Can’t miss play” clips. The more participation and interaction we have from everyone the better the experience for everyone will be.

  • All users start the season with 30 points.
  • You will need 15 points to sign a free agent, practice squad player from another team, or create a trade proposal. You mush cash out your points by purchasing a transaction card in our shop
  • Points reset after the end of every season following the re-sign stage.
  • Cards that are purchased and not used at the end of the current season will be voided for the next season
  • Your points total is shown on your profile page, and on the bar in the top right (when you log in) and can also be viewed when you hover over your username on the system menu bar
  • All of your purchases will be viewable in your ‘MY ACCOUNT’, under ‘ORDERS’

Point values

(you must register on the website to accumulate points)

  • News Posts (minimum of two paragraphs. You can write as many stories as you want a week) = 3 points, no limits. This is by far the best way to earn points towards purchases in our shop.
  • Comments = 1 point (“lol”, “ok” or any other one-word comments will not count towards this. It might appear temporarily in your points total but it will be deducted. If you continue to post one-word comments, you will be hit with a -5 point deduction. Keep in mind, you can comment as much as you’d like but comment points are limited to 1 point a day.)
  • Logins (The system will only give you 1 point every 24 hours.) = 1 point
  • Referrals = 15 points
    (To qualify for the 15 points, your referral must be an active member of the league for 8 in-game weeks. They must not miss a game or break any rules during their referral period. If they do, you will not be granted the 15 points.)
*The point system and the shop will not be in effect for now. The league will be notified when both the point system and shop return.