Detroit, MI — After a busy week for Detroit Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford, today the Detroit Lions introduced their new head coach.

The Cameras flashed as Huey Gains took to the podium.

“Wow, this is actually happening” said Gains as tears trickle slightly down his face. “First I’d like to give honor and glory to the most high God for putting me in this amazing position today and for reviving me from that gruesome situation nearly a decade ago. Secondly, I’d like to give a warm thank you to the still stunning Mrs. Martha Firestone Ford, the best owner anyone can ask for. Also, I’d like to formally make it known that former head coach Matt Patricia will act as my defensive coordinator going forward as I feel he can bring a lot to this organization in so many ways.”

Following Gain’s introduction the media got their chance to ask the new head coach various questions.

Roger Dale: Roger Dale from Lion Times Media, coach Huey, why did you bring back coach Patricia after reports have made that owner Mrs. Ford felt strongly that he wasn’t welcome in this organization?

HUEY: Sorry Roger, I don’t know where your getting those reports from but myself, Martha and Patricia have sat down and went over the long term vision of this organization, and I felt strongly that his defensive intelligence could impactfully leave a mark on this division now full of marquee QBs. Next Question.

Linda Green: Linda Green from Detroit Legacy, Huey, two questions, first, could you describe the relationship between you and Martha Ford? And secondly, how much of a factor will your relationship with Ford impact your football decisions?

HUEY: Could you be a little more specific on the  second question?

Linda: Will your relationship with Ford interfere in you doing what’s best for the organization?

HUEY: Martha Ford entered my life in a pivotal moment for myself. The Lion’s organization expressed their interest in selecting me in the 2010 draft and so we had a strong connection since then. Now, first and foremost, I am the Head coach of the Detroit Lions, I will always do what’s best for this team and winning is always at the top of that list. Next Question.

James Baldwin: James Baldwin, Michigan press, the season kickoff is shortly, what can we expect from the Lions week 1 against the Jets?

HUEY: We plan to see improvement from our players throughout the game as we lead up to week 3’s match against the Patriots. Any more questions?

Roger Dale: Will the Lions make the playoffs this season?

HUEY: (Chuckles) Go Blue!