At an emotional press conference, Tom Brady read a heartfelt retirement speech.

With the 2K OLF Off-Season upon us, Tom Brady announced his retirement today to the surprise of everyone! That’s right, Tom Brady winner of 2K OLF Super Bowl is walking way after a very successful season. Coach Sean Nguyen was taken back by the news saying “I’m shocked, I haven’t talked to him. I think most of us are still coming down to earth after the game we played a few weeks ago.”  He was asked if there was any signs of this during the season and he said “No not at all, I mean look at our record, what we did this season, I never would of guessed he was thinking of doing this, shocked that’s all I can say right now, I’m shocked. ”

Tom Brady finished third in the league with 4,776 passing yards,  he was  first in passing touchdowns with 61. Tom Brady  is gone(for now?) and the Patriots need to get going on figuring out who will  fill out their quarterback position. Right now the man behind Brady is Ryan Mallett, nicknamed “Big Tex,” he played college football for the Arkansas Razorbacks and since getting drafted by the Patriots he has not played a single down.


*UPDATE: New England Patriots organization just released this statement

We respect Tom Brady’s decision and all of his accomplishments during his time as a New England Patriot. We guarantee that no other Patriot will wear a #12 jersey ever again.