Shady putting the moves on an African Lion

Eagles running back Lesean “Shady” McCoy is on a blistering record pace this year. If he keeps this current pace he could very well double Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record of 2,105 yards. While it is highly improbable he keeps it up, the possibility of him simply breaking the record seems very much within reach as he has over 1,600 yards rushing through only 6 games and is averaging 282 yards per game on the ground. Because of him alone, the Eagles haven’t even had to pass the ball whatsoever in recent games.

Their most recent games versus the lions is the best example. What was supposed to be a Stafford homecoming and all the hype of the drama ended up being nothing as Shady ran roughshod over the Lions defense and Matthew Stafford needed to throw the ball only 9 times. Shady McCoy has been consistently beating 8 and sometimes even 9 man fronts. He seems like he’s gotten much faster this season, and we asked if he did any special training in the offseason. Boy were we surprised with his answer. Not that he trained in a special way, but the very words he said. “yeah, I trained with various Jungle Cats in africa.”

That is not a typo. Shady McCoy showed us the pictures to prove it and we couldn’t believe our eyes. There he was putting a slick juke on an African Lion, outrunning a Cheetah, and we even saw a Panther fall for his infamous spin move in one clip. (we are not even sure if Panthers are indigenous to Africa…we will have to check back on how that even happened) We felt the Cheetah picture had to be fake. And he said, in essence its real, but not what you think. He would have his personal trainers give him a massive headstart and he would run full sprint towards a safety cage with a slab of steak attached to his back. The Cheetah would be released with only about 10 yards left in his run of 40…but he said he was quite motivated to reach that cage. “I mean, we had guys with tranquilizer guns ready, but those cheetahs…they’re scary man.” We asked him what was the most intense moment he had training with these dangerous kitties. “Well with the African Lion, he wouldn’t let up and at one point I got very tired and took it easy on one of my cuts…big mistake,” he said. ” The Lion managed to slash my jersey and I came within inches of being seriously hurt. It was at that point we realized I had to take my training a little more seriously. Maybe pace myself a bit.”

We don’t know how the Eagles feel about his special training and how risky it was to his life…but they sure are reaping the benefits. Head coach Chuck Nasty said that Shady is literally just flat out faster. “oh yeah, we timed his 40 and he’s down to 4.29. said his goal is 4.23 and we laughed. Told him no lions on the practice field.” If that statement is true, shady has vastly improved on his 4.56 combine time. We aren’t skeptical as he is flat out running by people. McCoy had one final thing to say “NFL Lineman no longer scare me…..I’ve seen and faced real fear.”