The New England Patriots have been busy in the offseason.
The New England Patriots have been busy in the offseason.

Foxborough, MA — After getting dominated in 2K OLF Super Bowl V, Coach Sean Nguyen knew that he had a lot of work to do during the off-season. Well, the off-season is finally here and the disgruntled coach is already making changes. Some key notes from Coach Sean Nguyen’s press conference were — “These guys are talented football players, and I’m sure that they’ll get up on the feet rather quickly. Veteran players like them aren’t easy to replace. However, the coaching staff and I decided that it was time to move on. Football is a team sport, therefore we figured that it was the best option for the team.”

Coach Sean Nguyen also hinted out a more balanced offense, rather than their known aerial attack.

“If you watch our past performances, we could not run the ball to save our lives. Tom (Brady) is as frustrated as I am so we have been spending the off-season evaluating the running back position. Yes, we brought in Jonathan (Stewart) and we’re attempting to revert back to the old “ground-n-pound” attack from Season 1 with Michael Turner. Jonathan has big shoes to fill, but he told me that he’s excited for this opportunity.”

A worthy note to add is that Michael Turner (from Season 1) was Coach Sean Nguyen’s ONLY running back who eclipsed the 1,000 rushing mark throughout his coaching years. Also, that season was also his first 2K Online Franchise Super Bowl victory so change doesn’t sound too bad in Foxborough right now!

List of some notable releases:

  • RB – Reggie Bush
  • DT – Vince Wilfork
  • DE – Rob Ninkovich

List of free agents that the Patriots acquired:

  • WR – Jeremy Maclin
  • RB – Jonathan Stewart
  • RG – Orlando Franklin
  • CB – Dre Kirkpatrick