It’s back to the drawing board for the Eagles’ defense after Robert Griffin III scored a nearly perfect passer rating in 14-44 win.

Twenty four hours ago the talk around the league was all about the Eagles and how they are running away with the division, how their only competition was the 49ers for the top of the NFC, how it seemed no one could stop them. You can’t really blame the league for thinking so, after all the Eagles have won 8 out of their last 9 games, they are on a 5 game win streak and are tied for first place in the NFC.

Forgotten in all that talk, was a team that seemed to have dropped everyone’s radar, a team that last time we looked, was on a one game loosing streak, are in 5th place in the NFC and have a record of 2-2 at home. But take a closer at the bigger picture.. The Redskins are 7-2 overall, a game behind the Eagles for first place in the division, are 1-0 in the division and 5-2 in the conference.

After tonight’s huge win, the Redskins have reminded everyone that the NFC east is far from being over. The Redskins outscored the Eagles at home 44-14 and the win means the Redskins are now 8-2 and just as important the win puts them in first place of the division( 2-0 division record). The Redskins defense picked off Matthew Stafford 4 times, “It was huge for us today. We had a great bye week, had a lot of time to prepare and start the second half of our season. We wanted to start things right and we did that today with another big win on the road.” said Redskins FS  Madieu Williams who had two interceptions.

For the Eagles it was perhaps a wake up call, Matthew Stafford during his post game conference took full responsibility for mistakes that cost the Eagles “When you throw four interceptions against a team like this your not going to win often. I didn’t have my best stuff out there today, I’m frustrated right now, I gotta make sure to be sharp out there next time we play them.” . Eagles coach Robertson was asked if his team might have been overlooked the Redskins “No, not at all. We were ready, we had our plan but it was just one of those nights where you make one mistake and that mistake turns into two, then your down by three scores. Our hats go off to them, they did what we wanted, they made the big plays and we didn’t. We didn’t overlook them or forget about how good they are, you guys might have but we didn’t.”

After tonight’s game it’s safe to say, the Redskins are back on the rest of the league’s radar.


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