PHILADELPHIA, PA — In a move that marks the end of an era for the Philadelphia Eagles, veteran center Jason Kelce has announced his retirement from the 2K Online Franchise. Kelce, a cornerstone of the Eagles’ offensive line, leaves behind a legacy of excellence and resilience.

A Storied Career

Kelce’s journey in the league began over 14 remarkable seasons ago when he established himself as one of the premier centers in the game. His highest overall rating peaked at an impressive 95, reflecting his skill and impact on the field. Even in his final season, Kelce maintained a high level of play, with a rating of 92.

His career, however, was not without its challenges. Kelce’s resilience was tested as he saw his rating dip to 77 at one point. Yet, through hard work and determination, he bounced back, solidifying his status as a true professional and a leader.

The Eagles’ Journey

Under Kelce’s stewardship, the Eagles experienced highs and lows. The team’s recent performance in Season 28, finishing with an 8-9 record and missing the playoffs, was a far cry from their divisional round appearance the previous season. Despite these fluctuations, Kelce’s leadership and performance remained a constant.

Jason Kelce’s Retirement Speech

As Jason Kelce steps away from the gridiron, he reflects on his time with the Eagles:

“Being a part of the Philadelphia Eagles has been more than just playing football; it’s been a journey that has shaped my life. From my first season in the league, I knew I was part of something special. This team, this city, and these fans have given me memories that I’ll cherish forever.

My career has had its ups and downs. I’ve seen my ratings fluctuate, but my love for the game and this team never wavered. To be able to maintain a high level of play up to my last season is something I take great pride in.

I’ll never forget the brotherhood in the locker room, the roar of the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field, and the thrill of competing at the highest level. My heart has always been with the Eagles, and it always will be.

To the coaches, staff, and especially my teammates, thank you for pushing me to be my best. To the fans, your support has been the driving force behind every block, every play, and every game. I leave the field with no regrets, just a heart full of gratitude.

As I hang up my cleats, I look forward to the next chapter of my life, knowing that I’ve left it all on the field for this team and this city. Thank you, Philadelphia, for an incredible journey.”

A Legacy Remembered

Jason Kelce’s retirement turns a page in the Eagles’ history. His impact on the team and the league will not be forgotten. As he moves on to new endeavors, his legacy as one of the best to play the center position will forever be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles’ storied history.

Jason Kelce 2K OLF Career Overview

  • Seasons Played: 14*
  • First Season: Season 10
  • Highest Rating: 95
  • Lowest Rating: 77
  • Final Rating: 92
*2K Online Franchise began archiving stats with Madden 18. His first appearance in the league was in Madden 13.