Madden 16 off-season is underway
Madden 16 off-season is underway

Good evening everyone and welcome to a Tuesday night here on the 2K Online Franchise League. This week we continue the Free Agency period as we get ready for the upcoming draft. Below you will find the schedule of when and at what times the league is advancing. Make sure to get in and make those free agent bids before time runs out! Keep checking back as we’ll cover each stage of the off-season covering the winners and losers of each stage.

Off-Season Schedule*

January 31st – Stage 1: Re-sign

February 2nd – Stage 2: Free Agency bidding

February 4th – Stage 3: Free Agency bidding

February 6th – Stage 4: Review Free Agency Signings

February 7th – 2K Online Franchise season 7 draft  @10AM PST / 1PM EST

*All advances are scheduled for 3PM PST/ 6PM EST