The Seahawks host the 49ers in week 2's Game of the Week.
The Seahawks host the 49ers in week 2’s Game of the Week.

For the past three seasons the San Francisco 49ers have dominated the NFC West thanks in large part to their outstanding head coach Michael Nguygen. During that time coach Nguyen has posted a regualr season record of 42-6, earning his team 3 division titles and appereances in 2K OLF Super Bowl I and won 2K OLF Super Bowl II.

For the Seattle Seahawks things haven’t been as bright. The Seahawks only winning season came in season one of the league when they finished with a record of 10-6. Since then they have struggled to win and struggled to maintain any consistancy at the head coaching position. Neko Mejia coached the Seahawks for the past three season but was fired by the Seahawks after posting a 4-12 record last season.

This year the Seahawks belive they have found their answer at head coach in the form of Lewis Johnson. Coach Johnson was hired by the Seahawks on February 19, 2014 and so far it seems to be working as the Seahawks have started the season 1-0, something they haven’t done since season 1.