New schedules page launchesSALEM, OR — As our tenth season roles along we got another big update dropping today. Our schedules page has received a make over, and just like our standings page, it’s what’s under the hood that’s the major change. Now, not only are the schedule scores updated via the Madden 18 companion app but clicking on a completed game will pop up the games stats.

The game stats also got revamped, giving you a more in depth look at players game’s stats. We made sure to offer more than the standard stats for players, our coaches asked to see things like quarterback rating, pass completion percentage, wide receiver drops,  yards per catch, defensive pass deflections and a few other stats. Not only have we been able to meet those request , but we will also be adding Team’s game stats which will give a breakdown of all the valuable stats coaches want to see.

Keep checking back here as we continue to roll out new features and don’t forget to comment below with out thoughts, feedback or ideas you might have for the league.