Salem, OR — Technically we have to call this an “update” but with the amount EA is updating in this “update”, it has us scratching our heads.

Well without further ado the “update” notes are below.

Gameplay Updates
Fixed an issue causing hit-stick tackles to transition to conservative tackles vs. ball carrier special moves when using a player equipped with the Enforcer ability

DEV NOTE: In last week’s title update, we made a number of updates to hit-stick windows to reduce warping and suction. An unintended side-effect of these updates was that the window for landing a hit-stick against a ball carrier during a special move was tightened up so much that it would often result in a hit-stick attempt transitioning to a conservative tackle, and therefore not receive the boost of the Enforcer ability leading to broken tackles. We’ve resolved this by ensuring Enforcer hit-sticks will have a consistent window regardless of the ball-carrier’s actions. As a result, Enforcers will not allow broken hit-sticks when successfully landing one.