Salem, OR — The team over at EA Sports has released a new patch this week, this one is the biggest one yet. Fixes include defenders no longer being able to knock the ball out of teammates’ hands-on interceptions, as well as decreased penalties for interceptions in traffic and dropped interceptions.

The offensive side of the ball also got some fixes, with “Outside Zone” and “Stretch” running plays yielding fewer yards per carry on certain difficulties and quarterback fumble frequency increased.

One of the more notable bugs featured fumbles being “launched” across the field after the user hit sticks from defensive players. There is also a limitation on “Roughing the Kicker” penalties from certain formations.

The update also includes an entirely new game mode for “Superstar KO” called “Endless Run” mode. In this new mode, users are allowed to compete online for the highest win streak in the mode’s history.

Other fixes include some updates to franchise mode and “Madden Ultimate Team,” which allows players to open packs of cards and boost their players and teams accordingly.

Here is a detailed breakdown of everything included in this latest title update:

Key Highlights:

  • New Gameplay Mode: SSKO Endless Run
  • Gameplay fixes and tuning
  • Updated QB Slide and QB Dive mechanic
  • Streamlined and updated parts of the MUT UI
  • Franchise & Yard stability improvements
  • Multi-user Franchise draft crashes have been fixed
  • Uniform and gear authenticity updates

Gameplay Updates:

  • Dropped Interceptions:
    • Fixed an issue allowing defensive teammates to cause a knockout on their teammate during an interception
    • Tuning to decrease catching penalties for defenders catching in traffic
    • DEV NOTE: These two changes will reduce the number of dropped interceptions for the defense, but they will not eliminate them completely. There will still be situations where defenders will not successfully catch INT’s based on ratings, physics, or interactions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing fumbles when not fatigued on QB Draw plays so Quarterbacks will now fumble much more as a result of hits regardless of fatigue level
  • Added logic to slow down the QB’s acceleration at the end of the dropback on QB Draw plays, as well as restricting the direction the QB can move immediately after catching the snap
    • DEV NOTE: Based on player feedback and stats data, we saw that QB Draw has become too powerful. With these changes, the QB Draw play will have to be used more strategically rather than being a core play.
  • Fixed an issue causing RAC catches to be dropped a little too frequently; also tuning to reduce the distance for additional defenders to cause catch-knockouts
    • DEV NOTE: Based on player-feedback and playtesting, we found that RAC catches specifically were being dropped too much on both Competitive and Simulation game styles. These changes will significantly increase the chances of successful RAC catches when throwing to receivers with a step or two of separation on the coverage and provide better balance vs. man coverage.
  • Fixed the issue allowing pass rushers to disengage for quick pressure after a defensive-line ‘crash’ adjustment in formations like 3-4 Bear and 3-4 Cub
  • Updated the QB Slide and QB Dive mechanic for ease of use:
    • Tap X/Square = Slide
    • Hold X/Square = Dive
    • DEV NOTE: This is the second time we’ve changed these mechanics via title update this year, which is certainly not ideal, but our players told us that the previous iterations simply were not working for them. This change reverts the controls back to what players are most familiar with and will be the same for all ball carriers, meaning that giving up with a ball carrier will be the same controls as QB slide, a tap of the X/Square button.
  • Tuning to reduce inaccurate passes caused by pressure
  • Tuning to decrease average yards per carry on Outside Zone and Stretch running plays on Competitive All-Pro and All-Madden
    • DEV NOTE: Our stat-tracking data has recently shown a spike in average yards per carry on outside running plays on the Competitive game style, so we are making some tuning adjustments to blocking to reduce the effectiveness of these plays.
  • Fixed an issue preventing AI edge-rush animations from triggering in certain alignments
  • Fixed an issue causing frequent ‘Roughing the Kicker’ penalties on the ‘Field Goal Safe Man’ defensive play
  • Fixed an issue causing the ball to sometimes launch across the field after a hit-stick vs. the receiver on certain catch animations
  • Tuning to the steering on the Truck move for the Bruiser ball-carrier archetype to reduce the fast oversteer that was beginning to be used as an exploit
  • Fixed an issue causing fullbacks and tight ends to inappropriately swap positions via an audible to certain formations
  • Fixed an issue allowing WRs to subbed into the HB position by audibling across formations within the same personnel grouping

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:

  • Condensed individual Training Point reward screens to one combined reward screen
  • Remedied an issue where users had to open Fantasy Packs twice
  • Updated the art on the Item Compare screen

Franchise Updates:

  •  Face of the Franchise Updates:
    • General stability improvements
  •  Franchise Updates:
    • General stability improvements
    • Fixed an issue causing users to crash when making their selection during the draft in multi-user leagues

The Yard Updates:

  • Stability and reliability improvements

Superstar KO Updates:

  • New Mode: Endless Run – Compete to set the highest win streak in Superstar KO history! Play until you lose and then see how you match up against the greatest KO players in our new global leaderboards for Endless Run.

Presentation Updates:

  • Cowboys home pants now less green to match the changes they made on field this year to the color of their “Seafoam Pants”
  • Mouthpieces are now enabled throughout the game, we took extra time to ensure we covered all the bases and it would work everywhere correctly, as a longstanding community request we are happy to announce these are usable and fully functioning throughout the whole game.