Madden NFL 16 patch could be out this week.
Madden NFL 16 patch could be out this week.

It’s been a a week since the last time we heard anything in regards to the Madden NFL 16 patch. But,  EA Sports’ Creative Director Rex Dickson tweeted yesterday that the patch is expected to be released this week if all goes well with first party approvals.

If the patch is indeed released this week this league among the many other ones out there will finally be able to get their season started, just in time for the start of the NFL season.


As stated in last week’s patch update, bugs to be addressed in Madden NFL 16’s upcoming patch include (per Pasta Padre):

  • Random encroachment coming out of the huddle
  • Severe ratings regression in Franchise
  • Ratings being boosted to absurd levels during Franchise games
  • Broken SuperSim that gives QBs a number of carries that rivals starting running backs
  • Custom playbooks not always appearing
  • Draft classes that come in too high in certain attribute categories