Salem, OR — The updates keep coming!! We still are waiting on the big week 1 update though, but it’s nice to see the dev team putting in some work before week 1 drops.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in this latest title update.

Key Highlights:

  • Superstar KO Mode has been added as an exciting new way to play Madden NFL 20: Squad up and take down the competition in Madden’s fastest co-op eliminator mode featuring quick games, a unique stadium and commentary, dynamic rules, and icons of the football culture.
  • New Pat Tillman Superstar X-Factor Ability
    • Selfless: When players with this ability enter the zone, they will receive no benefits but will instead put all of their on-field teammates in the zone, until each is knocked out with their individual default knockout conditions.
      • This ability will be available in both Franchise and Ultimate Team. For Ultimate Team, this ability is exclusive to the MUT Master Pat Tillman player-item.
  • New Superstar Kick Return Ability
    • Return Man: Players with this ability can quickly shift momentum and change directions without sacrificing speed on kick and punt returns.
      • This ability is currently available in Play Now, but will not be available in Ultimate Team until mid to late September and added to Franchise very soon in an upcoming title update.

Global Updates:

  • General Stability and connectivity improvements
  • Updated player likenesses for the following players:
    • Raiders TE Foster Moreau
    • Saints S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
    • Redskins OLB Montez Sweat

Franchise Updates:

  • Fixed an issue preventing users from resuming leagues after creating league via Play Now Live and getting disconnected from the server due to inactivity
  • Fixed an issue causing the main menu to show a ‘Corrupt File’ message when trying to load a saved league from the Main Menu tile

Presentation Updates:

  • Increased volume of music during post-game highlights
  • Various commentary updates and fixes
  • Updated Online post-play cameras to avoid frequent cycles through multiple cameras

Gameplay Updates:

  • Fixed an issue causing the spot of the ball to be incorrect after a Holding penalty is accepted after a turnover
  • Tuning to decrease the frequency of successful hit stick tackles and increase the frequency of broken hit stick tackles
  • Tuning to increase the ‘break-on-ball’ reaction times for zone coverage defenders
    • DEV NOTE: Based on player feedback, we’ve increased the break-on-ball reaction time by two tenths of a second. You can expect Superstars and X-Factors to break consistently on the QB’s arm movement based on their specific coverage abilities. For players without abilities, the Zone Coverage (ZCV) rating will determine how quickly and how frequently they will react to passes when in zone coverage; the Man Coverage (MCV) rating will do the same if they’ve converted to man via any Match zone. This change will make zone defenders more aggressive and will apply to all game styles: Competitive, Simulation and Arcade. There will be more zone-specific tuning coming in a future title update.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes allowing specific QB’s to enter a state where they could not be tackled while scrambling behind the line of scrimmage