Madden 15 still experiencing issues.
Madden 15 still experiencing issues.

Today EA Sports announced they have fixed the online CFM issue many gamers were having. Specifically, the user vs. user games that were not being registered.

UPDATE 8/29: This issue has reportedly been resolved and players should no longer be experiencing this issue.

However, with the good news comes some bad news….
Users are now experiencing desync issues every time they play user vs user games in CCM, and it seems that any games that are simulated have issues with stats.

The guys over as at ESG have posted this Madden NFL 15 video that shows end of season stats, league leaders, awards, division standings, and more. They also simmed the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Madden Senior Game Designer and Lead Designer of Madden NFL CCM, Josh Looman has posted an update on Twitter, mentioning some of the fixes that have already taken place. Unfortunately, they haven’t figured out the simulated stats issue.

We will test out the latest fix to see if we’re able to finish a game, but from the sounds of it another update will be needed before the league can officially start the season.