Indianapolis, IN – The Indianapolis Colts‘ Season 28 in the 2K Online Franchise League was a narrative of unmet expectations and inconsistent performances, culminating in an 8-9 record and a missed playoff berth.

This outcome has led to speculation about the future of head coach Max Farias, who could be on the chopping block due to the team’s underperformance.

Offensive Breakdown

  • Overall Performance: The Colts amassed 5,135 offensive yards, with a heavy reliance on the run, accounting for 2,077 of those yards.
  • Passing Game: Quarterback Anthony Richardson passed for 3,058 yards but was hampered by 28 interceptions, indicating a need for growth and consistency.
  • Rushing Dominance: Jonathan Taylor was a bright spot, rushing for 1,774 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Defensive Analysis

  • General Overview: The defense allowed 5,206 total yards, with significant yardage given up through the air. They conceded an average of 26.4 points per game.
  • Home vs. Road Games: The Colts were more effective at home but struggled in away games, especially against strong passing offenses.
  • Pass Defense and Turnovers: The secondary was a weak point, and while the defense recorded 25 sacks and 15 interceptions, improvements are needed in pass defense and creating turnovers.

Season Highlights

Challenges and Areas for Improvement

  • Quarterback Development: Richardson’s growth is crucial. Reducing interceptions and improving his performance in road games will be key.
  • Defensive Adjustments: Enhancing the secondary and increasing pass rush effectiveness, particularly in away games, is essential.
  • Offensive Balance: Developing a more effective passing game to complement the strong running game could make the offense more dynamic.

Coaching Uncertainty

  • Max Farias’ Future: In his first season as head coach, Max Farias’ tenure is already under scrutiny. Despite inheriting a team that missed the playoffs in previous seasons, the Colts’ continued struggles and failure to reach the postseason this year have raised questions about his future with the team.

Looking Ahead: Offseason Focus

The offseason will be critical for the Colts, with a focus on addressing the disparities in their home and away performances, improving the secondary, and supporting Richardson’s development. The decision regarding Coach Farias’ future will also be pivotal in setting the direction for the team’s next season.


The Indianapolis Colts’ Season 28 was marked by a tale of two halves, with stark differences in their home and away performances. With strategic improvements and potential changes in coaching, the Colts have the foundation to return as strong contenders in Season 29.