Houston, TX – The Houston Texans‘ Season 28 in the 2K Online Franchise League, under the leadership of head coach Sean Nguyen in his second tenure, was a period of rebuilding and challenges. The team finished with a 4-13 record, reflecting a season of transition and struggles.

Team Performance Overview

  • Offensive Struggles: The Texans’ offense, led by quarterback C.J. Stroud, showed potential but was hindered by inconsistencies. Stroud passed for 5,135 yards and 40 touchdowns but also threw 45 interceptions, indicating areas for growth.
  • Defensive Challenges: The defense faced difficulties throughout the season, struggling to contain opposing offenses, as reflected in the points allowed and yardage given up in key games.
  • Standout Players: Despite the team’s struggles, players like wide receiver Tank Dell emerged as key offensive weapons.

Season Highlights

  • Key Victories: The Texans’ wins, including a notable victory against the Indianapolis Colts, showcased the team’s potential and the effectiveness of their offensive strategies.
  • Development of Young Talent: The growth of young players like C.J. Stroud and Tank Dell was a positive takeaway, offering hope for the future.

Coaching Perspective

  • Sean Nguyen’s Leadership: In his second tenure as head coach of the Texans, Nguyen faced a challenging season. His experience and approach will be crucial in steering the team through this transitional phase.

Areas for Improvement

  • Reducing Turnovers: A key area for improvement is reducing turnovers, particularly interceptions thrown by Stroud.
  • Defensive Adjustments: Enhancing the defensive strategy to better contain opposing offenses will be critical for future success.
  • Building Team Cohesion: Fostering a stronger team dynamic and cohesion, especially in high-pressure situations, will be essential.

Looking Ahead

The Texans face an important offseason with a focus on building around their young core, addressing key areas of weakness, and continuing the development of their talent under Coach Nguyen’s guidance.


The Houston Texans’ Season 28 was a challenging journey marked by a rebuilding phase under Coach Sean Nguyen. With a focus on development and strategic improvements, the Texans aim to emerge stronger and more competitive in the upcoming seasons.