Salem, OR — Today, EA Sports released the third September title update for Madden 20. In correlation with the patch, EA also dropped another edition of Gridiron Notes, containing all of the patch notes for today’s update. Below is a detailed breakdown of what’s included in today’s title update.

Key Highlights

  • Tackle animation improvements
  • New Legendary players added to the Superstar: KO draft pool

Global Updates

  • General stability and connectivity improvements
  • Updated Cleveland Browns primary home uniform

Franchise Updates

  • Fixed several issues around starting leagues using Play Now Live seasons
  • Fixed an issue causing the hidden dev trait snap-count to reset when using active rosters to start a Franchise league
    • Dev Note: This is fixed for newly created leagues. The Team is still investigating a fix for leagues that were created and we intend to address this in an upcoming title update.
  • Fixed an issue where Face of the Franchise QB1 decisions were presented to non-QB1 users in Franchise
  • Fixed a display issue where a league appeared to be deleted after resuming from an Exhibition match even though the league could still be loaded from the save file

Presentation Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing an Ultimate Team message to appear during every visit to the main menu
  • Fixed some issues causing players to occasionally slide before touchdown celebrations
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the Double-Team pre-play menu to show incorrect text
  • Various commentary updates

Gameplay Updates

  • Tackling animation improvements:
    • Added new tackling animations that prevent the ball carrier from falling forward when losing a stiff-arm attempt
    • Tuning to decrease the effectiveness of late stiff arms (those that start when already in a tackle)
    • Fixed an issue preventing a tackle from aligning on a broken tackle during the catch
    • Tuning to reduce the match distance for hit stick tackles
    • Fixed an issue allowing hit sticks to still connect even after an earlier attempt would result in a whiff
    • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing a tackle from triggering when diving at a QB in the pocket
    • Fixed an issue causing both the defender and ball carrier to fall to the ground awkwardly after a fumble
    • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the ball to slide back to the QB when getting tackled during a toss
    • Fixed an issue sometimes allowing the ball carrier to go back into a running state when getting hit during a dive
    • Tuning to make cut-stick tackles more effective
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Gambler’ and ‘Run & Gun’ abilities
  • Fixed an exploit with pump-fake mechanic
  • Tuning to increase catch frequency for user-controlled defenders on interceptions
  • Fixed an issue causing zone defenders to react to the run too aggressively on some Wildcat PA plays
  • Fixed a rare issue allowing an extremely wide FG kick to be counted as good
  • Tuning to decrease reaction time for man coverage defenders after losing vs. the cut move when covering zig routes
  • Fixed a rare issue sometimes causing a touchback to be incorrectly called when a fumble crossed over the goal line
  • Fixed an issue causing Nano detection to activate incorrectly when using the Pass Block Double Team mechanic
  • Tuning to increase the variety of team TD celebrations
  • Playbook Updates:
    • Fixed issues with handoff animations on Zone Fake Jet, Fake Jet Power, Jet Sweep, some PA Rollout and PA Read Special plays
    • Fixed an issue with flipping offensive plays that was being used to exploit man coverage
    • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing AI-controlled teams from properly using their timeouts at the end of a half

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Likeness update for Ultimate Team Legend WR Terrell Owens

Superstar KO

  • General stability improvements
  • New Legendary players added to the Draft Pool:
    • QB John Elway, LB Derrick Brooks, LB Patrick Willis and DB Mel Blount
  • Fixed issues with the player indicator in Squads play
  • Updates to the background color of the KO scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Magicians logo from appearing in the pre-game load screen