Salem, OR — In the aftermath of a last-second triumph in Week 6, the Dallas Cowboys faced a devastating defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Chargers, leaving fans and critics alike in a state of disbelief. The game, which culminated in a dramatic and unforeseen twist, has sparked fiery debates across the sports world.

Enter the ever-vocal and opinionated duo of Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, known for their passionate and often polarizing takes on the latest in the NFL. In this exclusive audio clip, we invite you to eavesdrop on their heated exchange as they dissect the Cowboys’ performance, the pivotal moments of the game, and the implications of this loss on the team’s future.

Will Skip defend his beloved Cowboys to the end, or will Shannon’s critical analysis prove too much to counter? There’s only one way to find out. Click the play button below to dive into the intense back-and-forth between two of sports’ most entertaining commentators.