It was a hard hitting game between the Giants and the Bengals
It was a hard hitting game between the Giants and the Bengals

CINCINNATI, OH — This just in just minutes after the game Coach Miller at the podium asked about the Jermaine Kearse injury and other hits the Sunday Night Game.

Ya some of those hits looked like they had intent to hurt some of our star players, and it did put Jermaine Kearse out for the entire game after he had scored our first touch down with ease. We’re not sure just yet how long he will be, but he did have a dislocated shoulder and couldn’t return, so i don’t know what were dealing with. Their were a couple other hits on some of our players that looked kinda iffy going after a defenseless receiver which turned into a turnover after the refs decided not to review if he even had possession first, and when they clearly went after Hills knees and toppled him end over end just before he hit the hole in the defense. You guys saw the game and i hope the Commissioner (Andres Perez) reviews some of the hits and does some investigating. That’s not why we lost though we made some very fundamental flaws tonight. I’m just looking out for my players safety is all.

It will be interesting to see how the Commish will handle all of this after he hears what the Coach just said.

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Be careful the Giants have their sights set!

I dunno man i would hate to think that players are trying to intentionally hurt other players,  but when during pre game warm ups you kinda over hear them saying stuff like here comes the pain, i got dibs on him, and your worth a pretty penny it kinda makes you wonder. Also as soon as i got hurt i rolled over on my side to get off my shoulder and i glimpsed some of the giants players making the money sign with there hands. I mean that looks shady to me, but at the end of the day we are all trying to accomplish one thing and that’s take care of our family and loved ones and when you try ending someones career potentially it’s just a scary thought ya know?

It will be interesting to see how long Kearse is out for because in just two games he has already made a huge impact with two touchdowns already on top of opening the other side of the field up for Green.

Let’s hope for  the league that this story doesn’t come to fruition