Salem, OR —  It has been a long journey to get to where we are and as you know, last week we went live with this new redesigned web site and today we are happy to reveal our all new logo.

Celebrating our soon to be 10th anniversary, 2K Online Franchise has created a new logo that builds upon the foundation of its previous one. The four stars are brought together to depict the four different divisions in each conference and represent the four league administrators. On the side of the shield we have two grey bars representing field goal posts. Then at the center we have our “mascot” with lurking red eyes getting ready to make his move and to the sides of him we have our established year 2009, followed by our league abbreviation 2K OLF below.  Rounding out the bottom is our full name inside a title banner, followed by the cornerstone of the sport, a football.

We hope you like the logo as much as we do.