Salem, OR — Good morning everyone, and happy Sunday to you wherever you are! Today we are going to try something new, this is something the league has been wanting to do for a long time but for one reason or another, it hasn’t happened…until now.

Mark “High Life” Miller and I, the commissioner of the league, Andres Perez, have gone ahead and recorded the first, and hopefully, one of many, 2K Online Franchise podcast. We wanted to do something that is fun, engaging, and informative while making sure it’s not too long. This first episode is just over 13 minutes, we want to keep the episodes to 15 minutes or less.

In this episode, we talk about how the league started, we give our predictions on what teams we think will win their respective division, then we talk about who we think will win week one’s game of the week. Lastly, we talk about EA’s Dual Entitlement Program for Madden, as well as Playstation’s September 16th event.

Let us know what you all think by leaving a comment in the comments section below.