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Oakland, CA — The Oakland Raiders re-sign right end Denico Autry to a one-year extension valued at $690k.

Although Denico has not posted any significant stats in the preseason, he has performed well enough on special teams and during practice to earn the extension.

He is currently in his third year out of Mississippi State. “I appreciate the opportunity the Raiders have given me. They know how much work I put in during practice, special teams and during film study.… Continue reading

raiders v packers pw1Yes, football is back Raider Nation and we have all been waiting to see how the Oakland Raiders will bounce back from a dismal 7-9 record last season and missing the playoffs for the first time since GM/Coach Max Farias took over the team.

Well, in their first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers, the Raiders right off the bat lacked focus and discipline. The starters showed their preseason jitters throughout the first half and played a sub-par series… Continue reading


Remember to post all league transactions in the forums to avoid getting penalized.

Hello League Members, My name is Max Farias and I am the Free Agency & Trade Commissioner. I will be keeping track of the number of trades and free agency pick-ups each team conducts. I strongly suggest that each member, old and new to read the rules regarding FA&T on the league forums site. You will learn the rules and penalties for breaking the rules regarding this subject.

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Read the latest league rules.

Things can go horribly if you don’t know the rules. So make sure you read them before your next game.

Following the suspension of Kansas City head coach Ryan Zehnder (aka ZMASTER) the league has revised the league rules. Everyone is expected to know the rules and follow them at all times. If you feel the rules need better explanation or perhaps you feel we left something out please let us know by leaving a comment below.

All rules are… Continue reading

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Now that a lot of you are taking advantage of our web tools  for posting we figured it would be a good time to show you a video explaining exactly how to post a news story and explain some of the features of our website.

The video below will show you the following:

  • How to post your own news articles.
  • Why your post matter and why it makes the league better
  • Explains the… Continue reading

With Madden 13 giving us the ability to use custom sliders, we figured we would test it out. Using sliders provided by a user from operation sports, we have applied the set of sliders to our 2K Online Franchise community. Try them out between one another and let us know what you think by posting some comments below.

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