Remember to post all league transactions in the forums to avoid getting penalized.

Hello League Members, My name is Max Farias and I am the Free Agency & Trade Commissioner. I will be keeping track of the number of trades and free agency pick-ups each team conducts. I strongly suggest that each member, old and new to read the rules regarding FA&T on the league forums site. You will learn the rules and penalties for breaking the rules regarding this subject.

For example:

In addition the 1st illegal free agency pickup will result in a warning, the 2nd illegal free agency pickup will result in forfeiting 1 week of free agency eligibility and the 3rd illegal free agency pickup may result in removal from the league.

Basically, every week (preseason, regular season, and playoffs), each team is allowed to make one trade (until the trade deadline) and one free agency pick-up.  You MUST get on the league site and click on the “Trades, Free Agents & The Draft” section, and create a post with the transaction. Trades/FA pick-ups DO NOT carry over to the following week.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.

For Trades:

Once a trade has been submitted the trade will be reviewed by the league board. If the trade is deemed fair, the trade will be approved. Each team is allowed 1 trade per week until the trade deadline. Once the trade has been submitted the league board will approve or deny them with a minimum of 48 hours to review the trade. As in free agency there is no carryover of weeks, use it or lose it policy.

You may also earn the opportunity to make an extra trade or free agency pick-up by accumulating points through the new set-up that we are implementing this season. For further information on that, and to learn how to earn points, read the article/section on “Point System.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via PSN or the league forums.

Thank you and good luck to everyone!