Salem, OR — Welcome to another season of the 2K Online Franchise league! Before we get Season 17 started we’d like to introduce you to the newest coaches of the league and make sure everyone is caught up with the league rules and other necessary steps to get you started.

The new season of 2K Online Franchise starts today at 5 PM PST. Week advances are every Sunday and Thursday at 10 PM PST.

New coaches

We have a total of ten new coaches joining us this season. We look forward to seeing what each of them brings to the league and hopefully we see them all stick around for a long time.

2K Online Franchise checklist

Below is a checklist of some of the things you need to be aware off before you start your season, read it carefully and thoroughly.

1. Broadcasting

  • Everyone is in the league is required to broadcast their games. Home team always broadcast. If you have not been set up to broadcast on our YouTube channel let the league commissioner know right away.

2. League rules

  • Have you read the League Rules? If you have any questions ask them in the comments section below or in the league’s General chat channel on Discord. We’ll gladly answer them.
  • If you got a trade, make sure to get it approved before you submit it in the game. Max Farias is our Free Agency and Trades commissioner and all trades must be approved by him.
  • All free agency signings must be posted in the league’s Discord, in the Front Office area. Make sure you are clear on how FA signings work to avoid any warnings or removal from the league.

3. Scheduling

  • Do you know your team’s schedule? All schedules are on the website and on your team profile page
  • Know your opponent’s PSN ID? if not check out the standings page. Our advice is you should send every opponent a friend invite to make it easier to know when they are online.
  • Check the league’s Discord often.
  • Make sure when you schedule you “tag” your opponent @[username] so they are notified by the app.

4. League website, news articles and points.

  • Are you aware of the point system we use? if not you can read about it in the league rules. League Rules
  • Have you signed up on the main website?
  • After signing up on the main site, let us know and we will upgrade your account so you can post your own stories. 

5. Suspended players

  • Make sure you look at the Suspended Players list if you have a player suspended sit him out for the amount of games stated in the list. Place your players all the way down your depth chart. The league reviews every game, if this rule is broken we will know.