Payton Manning wins first game as a 49er.

The 49ers get the first big win of the season so far beating the New York Giants 42-24. Coach Mike Nguyen said the score doesn’t tell the story. “The game was really tight, I think it was 14-10 at halftime. The second half, our D starting making plays and that’s when we starting to pull away.” Carlos Rodgers was able to get an interception and made a terrific effort to get to the endzone for a pick six. It was  downhill for the giants from then on. The 49ers improved to 5-1 and the New York Giants fall to 5-1.

Peyton Manning made his 49er debut going 9 for 14 for 152 yards 3 td 1 int and a passer rating of 110.7 “I kinda of got away with one today, the pass rush was coming hard all day. I threw a dart backfooted and Michael Crabtree made a spectacular catch.” Crabtree went for 2 rec 44 yards and a td. Randy Moss only had 1 rec but for a td for 5 yards. Vernon Davis seemed to be Manning’s top target for the day with 4 rec for 90 yards and a td.

Frank gore had 103 rush yards on 15 attempt and a td for the day. Kendall Hunter stays in the mix with 2 carries for 37 yards. Willis McGahee also made his debut rushing 6 times for 18 yards with a td.

When asked about the win coach Nguyen said “It was a big win, don’t get me wrong but we already got our mind on the next game. We know its a regular season game so we don’t really get too overly exited win or lose. We got a good football team coming in next week on primetime so we have to be on our A game.”