Salem, OR — The new season of the 2K Online Franchise is fast approaching. It will begin the day after week 1 rosters are released by EA. In the meantime, there are some big changes you should know about coming to the league.

Advance Schedule

The biggest change coming to the league is regarding league advances. Previously league advances were every Sunday night and Thursday night, this will change at the start of the new season. The league will move to a 72-hour (3 days) advance schedule. We’re hoping that this new change keeps the league moving along by keeping folks more engaged and also giving the league more seasons to develop players. The current thought is that the league will play through at least six seasons if not more, as opposed to the four that are usually played.

The full league advance schedule will be posted on the site once week one rosters from EA are released.

X-Factors and Abilities

Another big change is X-Factors. When X-Factors was introduced in Madden 20 the league felt they were not properly implemented, they were overused and overpowered so we made the decision to not use them until we felt they were balanced. That time seems to be now. Madden 23 looks to have toned down X-Factors, not only are they not overpowered but, it looks as if getting them activated is a lot harder to achieve than in previous years. X-Factors and Super Star abilities will be displayed on the site on the player’s profile page.

Work in progress for X-Factors and Abilities to be displayed on the website

Rule Changes

Several league rules have changed for the upcoming season, be sure to check the rules carefully before playing. We’ll outline some of the major ones below.

Trades – In previous seasons when making trades we asked folks to use the custom trade calculator to determine if it is a fair trade. That will no longer be the case as the Madden formula for trades has changed enough to void the use of the calculator. All trades will still require approval from the league’s Trades Commissioner.

Roll out of the pocket – This year Madden 23 looks to finally have solved the issue of QB’s rolling out and spam escape artists. Therefore, we are removing the rule.

Throwing outside the number – This is another issue Madden 23 has fixed (for now?). If a QB in M23 runs to the outside they no longer have the time they used to in previous Maddens. For now, this rule is no longer in play.

So what do you think of the changes? Is there something you would change or add? We’d love to hear from you, let us know in the comment section below.