Salem, OR — Breaking News: It’s been seven seasons since the Cleveland Browns announced the hiring of Max Farias, today the Browns and coach Farias have announced they are mutually parting ways.

The Browns send out a heartfelt statement thanking coach Farias for his service to the club. 

We want to thank coach Farias for his tremendous work with this organization. We knew the day we hired him that he would do great things for us and the city of Cleveland. Not only did he deliver on those expectations, but he surpassed them. He gave us a 2K Online Franchise Super Bowl win in just his 3rd season. Plus, in the last three seasons, he has made this club a contender but has set up a solid foundation that will keep this team competitive for years to come. Thank you, coach.

Following the Browns’ statement, coach Farias released two statements. First, he addressed the fans…

My time as coach of the Cleveland Browns has come to an end. It was a wonderful journey and a great experience. I’ve had the pleasure of restoring a once-proud franchise back to its glory days. I did my best to turn things around for this sports organization. I took the Browns to a 78-34 record, built a powerhouse roster, and displayed dominance in the AFC North Division with a trip to the playoffs every season in Cleveland. I turned the Browns into champions in Season 16. My contract was fulfilled and it was time to move on. I spoke to management and we decided the best thing for our relationship was to mutually go our separate ways. I would like to thank the entire Browns organization, the fans, the players, the entire Browns community for welcoming me and accomplishing what we set out to do. The Browns community will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you!
Max Farias

Then, in his second statement, he shocked everyone with his future plans…

With that being said, when one door closes, another opens. I have thought long and hard about where my next sports adventure will be. After spending the past several months talking to several teams, management, players, my agent, and my family, I have decided that my new chapter in the 2K OLF universe will be in Chicago. I have decided to become the new coach of the Chicago Bears. I'm looking forward to taking this franchise to the playoffs and delivering several championships because that's what I do.
Max Farias