cjReports Out of the Tennessee Titans camp is that star running back Chris Johnson is in Coach Noley’s doghouse and is in danger of being traded.

Chris Johnson, who at one time was one of the fastest running backs to ever step foot on an NFL playing field, bolstered the Titans ground attack last season by rushing for 1550 yds and 15 tds.  Johnson who was eligible for free agency at year’s end chose to sign a one yr deal with the Titans for a chance at  winning back to back super bowl titles.  Most considered Johnson a shoe in to be the Titan’s starting running back at the start of this upcoming season, but Johnson’s attitude began to take a turn for the worse after he was unhappy in finding out that he would be competing for the starting job with fellow running back Antoine Smith.  Johnson has received the majority of carries so far this pre season but Smith was named the starter for both games.

When asked about his thoughts on the running back competition Johnson said ” What 1500 yard back in NFL history has ever had to compete for his job the following season? Instead of competing this offseason I should be resting and not risking injury.  I proved what I can do last season and that should be good enough.”  Coach Noley disagrees.  All jobs are earned, said coach.  Nobody is guaranteed a free ride and complacency does not exist on this team.  If you do not plan on giving 100% on each and every play no matter if it is the pre season or regular season then consequences will be dealt.  Chris Johnson found out real fast that Coach Noley is a man of his word.

coffeeOn Monday of this week Johnson was late for a mandatory team meeting.  On Tuesday Johnson and his entourage were spotted by the  paparazzi leaving a local Tennessee brothel after the mandatory team curfew time.  On Wednesday during a team practice syringes were seen falling out of Johnson’s jockstrap during a long run and almost stabbed a fellow teammate.  Johnson claims the syringes are allergy related but lab results are still pending.  Thursday was no better for Johnson as he refused to sign autographs for loyal fans and refused to talk to the media.  On Friday Coach Noley was so tired of Johnson’s antics that he told him to not even bother dressing for practice.  Instead Johnson was ordered to fetch coffee and donuts for the entire staff.  He may not have attended Minnesota University but he is our “gopher” for the day, said coach.

kool aid” I don’t care if you rush for 1 yard or 1,000 yds.  If you aren’t a team player and if you aren’t going to put in the work then you don’t belong on this team.  I don’t care if your name is Max Farias or Walter Payton.  As a result, Antoine Smith was officially named the starter for the beginning of the season and Johnson was officially put on the trade block.  If Chris doesn’t like the way this organization is run and if he is not going to abide by the rules then I heard they are looking for a new Kool Aid man.  Maybe he can audition for that.