2K Online Franchise returns on Playstation 4 this February.
2K OLF returns on Playstation 4 this February.

2K Online Franchise is back! Kick-Off of the new season starts this Thursday on our new home the Playstation 4! We will like to welcome everyone back that decided to make the switch with us and thank you for your continued support as we transition from the Xbox 360 to Playstation 4. We feel the PS4 is the right system for our league as it will allow a whole new level of immersion thanks to the PS4’s streaming and sharing abilities. Thanks to the new sharing functions every single user game will be available to view as users will be required to stream their games to twitch.tv  and archive them, more info on this to come.

Keep checking back through out the next few days as we will be giving out more news on returning members, new members, how-to guides for your PS4, schedules, website updates and more! all leading to 2K Online Franchise Kick-off week starting Thursday February 6th.

Also be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch.tv, YouTube and if you know of someone that would like to join the league let us know of have them fill out an application in our league application area on our forums.