Welcome to the new era of 2K online franchise. We are (like recent Hollywood movies) rebooting, it’s back to the beginning, all records, stats, wins, banners, etc… back to zero.

Why the change?:
We’ve been doing this since 2009, when Madden first premiered online franchise and while it was good it left a lot to be desired….till now. This year Madden finally delivered just about everything we always wanted, a salary cap system, CPU trade logic, ability to put our face in the game via Game Face, Pre-Season games, contract negotiating, coach firing and more. With that said, we thought it was time for 2K Online Franchise to do things differently as well.

With 3 years under our belt now, not only do we know who our core guys are, but we have a better idea of what we want to do as a league long term. Guy’s like Michael Nguyen(TAPR0BLEM) have been here for a long time but not from the start, so his team season stats weren’t exactly correct. Now with everyone at 0-0 and knowing you guys are here to stay, the time to reboot is perfect.

New Features:

Here is a list of some of the new things coming and some that are live now.

SHARE THIS!: We made it easier than ever before to share anything on the site, every page is now sharable via the our SHARE THIS app, located on the top of every page.

FACEBOOK COMMENTS:  With Facebook Comments, sharing and talking about our site has never been easier. This feature is currently live on our Game of the Week. Any time you post  not only will it post to our site and our FB page but your friends will also see your comment and have the ability to respond, share or like!

TWITTER: Game of the week will now feature twitter discussions that are specific to that game. It will also show what the Madden sports analyst, like SkipBaylessEA, WingozEA, MarkSchlerethEA, etc… have to say and of course you can always reply @2kolf or share via ADD THIS!

GAME OF THE WEEK: The games of the week will not only breakdown the match-up but now features the stats for each team coach. The coaches’ card will give you a quick over view of their season stats and career stats, as well as a small summary of who they are.

NEWS AND HEADLINES [Home Page]: The old News and Headlines is gone, it was a flash based component that was incompatible with most mobile devices and difficult to update. We now added a friendlier News and Headlines component, its HTML5 and CSS which means it’s easier to update and compatible with all mobile devices.

TRIMMED THE FAT: As you can see by now we have given the site a small redesign. We added a new banner and made the width of the site a bit smaller. If anyone views the site on a mobile device the pages should show a lot nicer when viewed in either landscape more or portrait.

MAIN MENU: The main menu looks the same, but it also has received an update. The old menu was difficult to update and because of that we never added a drop down feature to navigate to other areas of the site. Now with the site refresh the menu has been updated with better functionality, we can add and remove links at will, meaning you will be able to hover over STATS and a drop down will appear showing you other related links such as, TEAM STATS and PLAYER STATS. Also, one update will update all pages on the site, something we couldn’t do before.

BEHIND THE SCENES: One of, if not the biggest improvements made is what runs in the background…the meat and potatoes of the site and that is the code! Originally Andres (aka- Nabakov94) made the site from scratch back in 2009(wow, has it been that long!?) a lot of things have changed not only in web technologies but his understanding of how to better code and maintain websites. Let’s just put it this way…the home page before the refresh consisted of over 3,200 lines of code, the new home page now consist of 573, now that’s efficiency!!

NEWS SECTION: Since we are rebooting the site, all old news are gone and the News section has also received an upgrade in looks and on the backend.

COMING SOON: Some things we are will be adding is team specific pages. Each page would be in the similar style of NFL.com team pages, showing you stats for your team, related news, team specific news and coaches’ history.

So there you have it, that’s what this site refresh, league reboot is all about. But remember…the league is nothing without you and your support, see something you like share it, comment, like it, etc… And for those of you with access to post your own stories please PLEASE do so; because the more you interact the better the experience will be for everyone in the league!

Thank you,
2K OLF Commissioner