SALEM, OR — As the 2K Online Franchise League advances into Week 16, the playoff race is intensifying with teams vying for division leads, wild card spots, and a chance to make a postseason impact.

AFC Playoff Picture:

NFC Playoff Picture:

Key Matchups

  • The Colts face the Falcons in a high-stakes week 16 clash. The Colts, coming off a loss to the Steelers, are fighting to maintain their division lead, while the Falcons, after a late-game blunder against the Panthers, are looking to secure their playoff position.
  • The Packers and Saints continue to dominate, but upcoming games will be crucial to maintain their top seeding.

Teams on the Edge

The Road to the Playoffs: Intense Battles Ahead in Week 16

As the regular season nears its end, every game becomes a potential playoff decider. Teams at the top are looking to secure their spots, while those on the fringe are fighting for a chance to extend their season. The excitement and unpredictability of the 2K Online Franchise League continue to captivate fans as the road to the playoffs unfolds.