It was a wild week 1 game between division rivals, New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.

Miami Gardens, F.L.–What a great game to open the season with the two AFC East rivals battling for the number 1 spot. Both teams had a slow start without any of them scoring in the 1st quarter. After a pair of Miami field goals, the Patriots finally found their grove following three consecutive 3 & outs with a 33 yard bullet from Brady to Amendola. In the 4th quarter, things started to heat up with the Patriots scoring 14 and the Dolphins scoring 15 (+ successful 2 point conversion). However in the end, the New England Patriots managed to hold their lead and defeat the Miami Dolphins in a 24-21 bout.


Post game:
I caught a word with one of the Patriot’s wide receiver, Danny Amendola.

Interviewer: A lot of questions during the off season wondered if you were going to stay healthy this season due to your history. There were reports about you possibly being on the trade block too. How do you feel about this now after your spectacular game?

Danny: I feel great and HEALTHY. Let me remind you that I’m the healthiest that I’ve ever been right now. I had a great off season conditioning and I worked hard to be on the field more. I love this sport and nothing beats having Brady as my Quarterback.

Interviewer: You made a clutch catch near the end of the 2nd quarter. Your team was facing 3rd & 32 at the 13 yard line. You jumped in the air to snag the ball away from a Miami defender for 54 yards. What happened?

Danny: Yeah, that play was great. It was man coverage and the FS was out of position. Tom gave me a chance and I took advantage of it. It really gave us the momentum that we needed and it even carried on to the second half.

Interviewer: There you have it guys. Danny Amendola, finishing the night with 7 catches of 7 targets, 157 yards, and two touchdowns.

Coach Nguyen didn’t seem too happy during his post game conference.

Tom Brady celebrating after throwing his 3rd touchdown, it proved to be the game winner.

“Victory was great, but the team can’t rely on Brady all the time. We gave up A LOT of yards and our run game was horrific. However, we did start off strong on defense. We held them to 2 field goals within 5 yards in the 1st quarter. I just thought after that goal line hold, we let our foot off the gas pedal and kept surrendering easy yards which lead to more 1st downs. We’re going to have to work harder if we want to be champs, again.”

As for the Dolphin’s head coach, he still has confidence in his guys.

“Tough to lose at home… We went toe-to-toe with a tough team. We had a specific game plan and that was to run the ball. We were doing it great until we were near the goal line. The two early field goals hurt us in the end and we have to work harder to scheme better red zone plays.”

Game’s MVP

Tom Brady showed why he’s still one of the best. The Patriot’s run game was nowhere to be found so they relied heavily on their future Hall of Famer. He ended the night going 20/24 for 322 yards, 3 passing TDs, and 5 rushing yards.

Brady: “I wouldn’t had played as well as I did tonight if it wasn’t for my receivers. They caught everything thrown their way, held onto the ball, and ran fantastic routes. So much credit to them.”

Did you know?

  • Both Quarterbacks were flawless and they proved it with both receiving a perfect passer ratings. (158.3)
  • This marks Coach Sean Nguyen’s 5th consecutive opening day victory