Washington D.C. –    News today out of the nation’s capital has fans of the Washington Football Team stunned. For the third year in a row, we will have a team with no mascot, or name.  Just plain ole Football Team. With a rich history in the surrounding area, the front office cannot come to a conclusion on what moniker to choose to represent their team, let alone a token mascot for the fans to get behind.

Team owner Dan Snyder went on the record with the following statement – “I can’t help that one superfan bought up all the rights to the most obvious choices. This man is not a true fan. He is merely attempting to extort money from the organization and I refuse to lay down. Why might you ask? Because I love this FOOTBALL TEAM. ”

Strong words from the man in charge in DC.  We will keep you posted 2K OLF. Seems like this story isn’t over…..