The Pittsburgh Steelers come out on top in second meeting vs the Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND, OH — In Week 1, Pittsburgh owned Cleveland in the first half and it all looked like the same old Browns, and same old one-sided rivalry. But the Browns’ run game rolled through Pittsburgh as Johnny Manziel led a touchdown game winning drive as time expired. It was an impressive second-half rebound for Cleveland. This week it would be the Steelers who would rebound with the win.

Very quickly Browns fans were angry, frustrated and felt a sense of betrayal. How could this so called vaunted defense forget how to tackle? How could Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, the two big offensive players outside of the QB, be allowed to have such a big impact so quickly. “Okay, they are going to settle in. Now let us hope the offense can do something.”

Nope. Just like all the doomsayers and naysayers said, the offense was terrible. “Should they have drafted Sammy Watkins?” “I thought we were going to run the ball!” “How will any of these tiny receivers ever get open over the middle?”

The Browns were held scoreless as the first half concluded turning the ball over on three straight drives to end the half.

The Browns came out in the second half fired up and drove down and kicked a field goal. “Well at least they are going to make this respectable a little. Isaiah Crowell was my favorite small school back in the draft, he along with Jeff Janis were my two small school guys. A perfect Browns draft for me included Blake Bortles, Shazier, Crowell and Janis. We got one of them. “Well at least Crowell gets a chance to shine and maybe prove me right.” The Browns defense stepped up as well and forced an interception leading to an explosive 88 yard touchdown catch from Jordan Cameron. “I’m guessing that will wake up the Steelers and they go for the throat on their next series.” “And what is this adjustments thing at halftime.” Been a long time since the Browns have looked good coming out of the locker room. “Do we have actual coaches this year?”

The Steelers did wake up and drive down the field. After being stopped on 1st and 2nd and goal Big Ben took things into his own hands and did a QB sneak from the two yard line going up seven.