Eli Manning and the Giants know their time is running out to make the playoffs
Eli Manning and the Giants are locked and ready to defend their title.

It’s been two months since the New York Giants shocked the Cowboys with a thrilling overtime win in the playoffs. The Cowboys as much as they try to say it’s behind them, know that the only way to put it to rest is to beat the Giants at home in prime time. Dallas head coach Andres Perez was asked what the mood is leading up to this game “I’m not gonna lie, it is a bit different than most other games, not only because it’s kick-off week but because of what happen last year. We have a lot of guys in the locker room who haven’t gotten that taste of defeat our their mouth and the only way to wash it out is to beat the best. Our guys are focused and ready to go.”

On the other side of the field the 2K OLF Super Bowl III champions have a more relaxed approched. The team knows that not only are the Cowboys trying to get payback for last season but having won it all means they have a target on their back all season long. “Party time is over…” said Giants’ head coach Jeffrey Jarin “..and even though we won it all last year we know a lot of people think it was luck. Our guys want to prove it was not luck, it was a group of people coming together and putting it all on the line for one purpose. We feel this is a great way to start the season, getting a win against the Cowboys in their home again should quite a lot of people.”