Welcome to Season 4
Welcome to Season 4

Welcome to  the fourth season of the 2K Online Franchise. We hope all the new coaches are enjoying the league and thank all the veteran coaches who made the jump from the 360 to Playstation 4. Now let’s take a look at some of the new features of the site and also give a short introduction to the new coaches this year.

Let’s begin with some of the new website features and upgrades

In case you haven’t noticed, on top of our site we have team icons that you can click on and view each team profile page. The team profile pages give an overview of everything that is going on with your team and around the league, it features your teams latest news, season record, coaching career record, schedule, videos, the latest tweets from our official twitter account and division standings. New this year are the in game tweets which you’ve probably have seen when you fire up Madden on your console, now you can see them directly on your team profile page. Also new this year is how videos are delivered, with everyone now posting their videos (It is mandatory), the videos are broken down to team specific playlist which will show you current and past videos by clicking on the Playlist menu located on the top left of the YouTube player.

New this year, are post game stats. This is something that everyone has been wanting for a while and we finally have it! After a game is over, the final score will be posted on the league schedule page and you can click on the home, away or “AT” logos to  see the full stats for that game, give it a try – http://2kolf.com/schedules/season-4/regular-season.html

One of our favorite parts the 2K Online Franchise Network.  Videos are pulled directly from our YouTube channel, every single league video we have captured is available to view. You can access the latest videos or view past match-ups from season 1. As stated over and over again it is mandatory that everyone post their videos to their Facebook page and we’ll take care of the rest.

For new comers be sure to check out the tutorial on how to post your own stories on the News section of the site, the more content people post the better the experience will be for all. Post can be about anything you want, not just about post-games or upcoming games and all it takes is 10-15 min to write up a page like this one – http://2kolf.com/News/team-news/raiders-remain-perfect-in-preseason/ (Don’t even have to worry about the video and stats pic, we’ll help you out once you write it up).

That’s if for the website for now, if you need help with anything or have questions, suggestions to improve it or anything that’s on your mind let us know!

Now let’s take a moment to introduce some of our new coaches.

Lewis Johnson (Seattle Seahawks)
New this year to the league and a real Seattle Seahawks fan is Lewis Johnson. Lewis found the league through another new league member and has already started the season on the right foot by beating the Carolina Panthers this past weekend. Lewis will have some tough competition though as he is in the division with 2K OLF Super Bowl I Champion Sean Nguyen and his cousin, winner of 2K OLF Super Bowl II, Michael Nguyen.


Jon Elchico (Carolina Panthers)
Jon makes his return to the league after having left the league in 2012. Elchico is one of the founding members of the league as he and commissioner Andres Perez came up with the idea to start an online franchise when Madden introduced the feature back in 2009. Jon is a die hard forty niners fan and even though he is now the head coach of the Panthers you can bet he will once again be a force in the league.

Jason San Juan (Philadelphia Eagles)
Jason San Juan is the brother-in-law of Jon Elchico. Jason takes over the Eagles and will be in a fight all season long as he joins league veterans  Mike Allen (Washington Redskins), Andres Perez (Dallas Cowboys) and 2K OLF Super Bowl III Champion Jeffrey Jarin (New York Giants).

 Mark McDowell (Chicago Bears)
Mark joined the league last month after finding it through the EA Sports forums, he said he was looking for a “competitive experience…..with a sim style of gameplay.” Hopefully we live up to what he is looking for and more! Mark is a true Chicago Bears fan and  has already shown what he can do in his preseason game versus the Raiders.

Other coaches who are new to the league, Dionte’ Marshaun Butler-Abney(New England Patriots), Revanology(Atlanta Falcons) and Bruno4132(Green Bay Packers). More details about these coaches to come as we get to know them a bit more.

So that about does it, if you have a friend or know someone that wants to join our league let us know and remember…this league is only as good as you make it! Be active, play fair, communicate and have fun!