Salem, OR –Season 21 kicks off with a full slate of games! I plan to keep the spreads published each week as we progress through this season. After a few games have been played, I’ll add some additional information to theses posts to include a Lock of the Week pick.

Denver Broncos (CPU) @ Philadelphia Eagles (CPU) (+4.5)
Los Angeles Chargers (julianbolt55) @ Dallas Cowboys (ssx95351) (+1.5)
Buffalo Bills (Setia_Rain) @ Atlanta Falcons (CPU) (+6.5)
New England Patriots (BOWLSOHARD) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (CPU) (-3.5)
Los Angeles Rams (bigratfink336) @ Tennessee Titans (CPU) (-1.5)
Detroit Lions (CPU) @ Baltimore Ravens (unsold_gator12) (+2.5)
Chicago Bears (Maxabater) @ Arizona Cardinals (PhillyyPhillyy) (+2.5)
San Francisco 49ers (TAPR0BLEM550) @ Minnesota Vikings (torgar53) (+6.5)
Seattle Seahawks (ST_brightside) @ Green Bay Packers (oufan2281) (-2.5)
Jacksonville Jaguars (CPU) @ Kansas City Chiefs (smilingdeathface) (-4.5)
Houston Texans (CPU) @ New York Jets (CPU) (-4.5)
Miami Dolphins (CPU) @ Indianapolis Colts (U_finnaGETsmoked) (-1.5)
Las Vegas Raiders (NotVorexx) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (CPU) (-2.5)
Carolina Panthers (CPU) @ New Orleans Saints (CPU) (+1.5)
New York Giants (CPU) @ Washington Football Team (OrngFur) (+0.5)
Cincinnati Bengals (mtsuman97) @ Cleveland Browns (CPU) (+0.5)