Blake Bortles and the Jaguars lose a tough one at home against the SeahawksJacksonville, FL — The Jacksonville Jaguars took on one of the best teams in the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks. It was a wet and windy affair as the rain made things difficult for both teams. The Jaguars and Seahawks combined for a new single game record of 19 drops in the game. “It was tough out there today. You hate to make excuses but it was pretty bad out there, first time for me coaching a game that windy and the rain never letting up.” said Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone.

The rain got to Jaguars QB Blake Bortles early in the game as he threw an interception on just the third play of the game. It was intercepted by Seahawks SS Kam Chancellor, Chancellor managed to slip pass several Jaguars before ending in the end zone for a 51 yard interception return. That was the first of four interceptions thrown by Bortles. “No excuses. I just didn’t make the plays I should have when we needed and I didn’t make smart decisions out there today.” said Bortles. The Seahawks managed to score ten points from the first two interceptions Bortles threw, they almost made it 17 points but the Jaguars defense managed to stop the Seahwawks from getting in the end zone after Bortles threw his third interception with nine seconds remaining in the first half.  It was the only bright spot to an otherwise ugly first half.

The 3rd quarter for Bortles and the Jaguars offensive line didn’t get any better. With under 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter Bortles threw his fourth interception of the game, which was once again picked off by Chancellor and the Seahawks once again were able to get points following the turnover. Lucky for the Jaguars their defense made a goal line stance on their own 3 yard line which made the Seahawks settle for a field goal.

Down 20-0 in the 4th quarter, the Jaguars were able to get into the end zone with 5:13 remaining in the game. Bortles was able to get a pass to his TE Marcedes Lewis for his second touchdown of the season and Bortles’ 16th touchdown. The touchdown gave the Jaguars the momentum they so desperately needed. This was evident by the huge turn over their defense caused. On the very first play of their new drive, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was hit from behind by CB Tyler Patmon forcing a fumble that was then picked up by RE Calais Campbell. With 5:03 left in the game that fumble gave the Jaguars hope for a miracle, if Bortles could somehow not turn the ball over.

The Jaguars started their drive with a pass for no gain, then an incomplete pass, then on the Jaguars 10th 3rd down of the game, they once again came up with an incomplete pass. Bortles had a wide open Allen Robinson cutting across the field and he completely missed on the pass. “It was just one of those things man. I trust him though. We’re not perfect we all have tough game, I’m sure when I look at the tape I’ll see things I could of done better.” said Robinson. With the miss the Jaguars were 0-10 on third downs. On the next play, facing a forth and 10, the Jaguars were able to convert. This time Bortles didn’t miss Robison cutting across the field and the catch put the Jaguars on the six yard line with 4:33 remaining.

Three incomplete passes later, making it 0-11 now on 3rd downs, the Jaguars once again were forced to go for it on 4th down. This time Bortles made the right throw to his wide open receiver Allen Hurns, who was open as he headed toward the left side of the field in the end zone. Hurns had the ball hit his hands, but he dropped it. It was the 4th drop in the game for Hurns. Had he caught that the Jaguars could have been down 20-14, but the reality was with a 20-7 score and 4:18 left in the game it was going to take a miracle comeback.

The miracle almost happen as the Jaguars forced another fumble on the Seahawks next possession. This time it was RE Campbell stripping the ball away from Seahawks HB Thomas Rawls. The fumble was picked up by DT Malik Jackson in the red zone on the 17 yard line. The Jaguars fans were hoping that their team could get into the end zone this time. On the very first play following the turn over a touchdown was score, just not for the home team. Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson was unblocked and managed to hit Bortles hard enough to cause a fumble. The fumble was then picked up by Cliff Avril who took it 72 yards up the field for a touchdown. With that all hopes for any type of comeback were gone and the Jaguars would go on to lose this one 27-7.

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The loss for the Jaguars drops them to 9-4, which places them 2 games back of the Oakland Raiders for 2nd place in the AFC. They will remain at home next week to take on the Houston Texans in their final home game of the season.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks helped their cause towards a division title as their record improves to 10-3. They’ll have a huge game next week as they head back home to the Pacific Northwest to take on the Los Angeles Rams.


Season 10 – Week 14: Seattle Seahawks vs Jacksonville Jaguars