Will we start to see less and less of the run game as the season rolls on?

Another week and another poor showing from this teams running game or lack there of. with back to back sub par performances are the Bengals going to have to  become a one dimensional team? This off-season saw them trade away a dynamic running back in Giovanni Bernard to bolster the secondary, also figuring this move would give Jeremey Hill the confidence he needed to bounce back from a sub par season last year.

With the trading of Gio we wanted to show Hill that we have all the confidence in the world for him to go ahead take over the backfield, carry the load, and become that featured back we envision him being. He has all the tools he’s a strong powerful runner, quick, and a smart player.

But through two games it hasn’t shown and you have to wonder if they chose the right back to send off. On a day where Hill only had 5 carries you have to wonder next week when he is likely to see more action the rushing totals will follow.  We had a chance to ask Hill a few questions after the game.

How does it feel to have the confidence of this coaching staff after the lack luster performance last season coupled with this off season?

It feels great to be honest with you. It made me want to work even harder to be at the top of my game once the season starts. Just to know that the entire organization believes in my talent and is counting on me to perform day in and day out week to week.

Would you say the split backfield had anything to do with the sub par season you experienced last year?

I don’t want to sit here and blame that entirely on how my season went last year, I left some yards out there on the field, made some poor decision and chose the wrong holes to go through. That type of stuff is on me and no one else, but on the other hand at times it felt hard to get in a groove and get a feel for the flow of the game. I’m expecting this year to be my best year to date!

So far through two games you only have 22 yards rushing are you getting worried that this year might go the same as last?

Absolutely not! What you failed to mention is i only have 11 carries so far on the season, since we have been trying to get the rookie Kevin Gilmore some more playing to to get acclimated to the rigors of NFL football games, but i’m not worried at all i guarantee next week will be extremely better once i get a full workload in. I plan i going over that century mark!

Malcom Butler after he makes his second interception on the year.

Hill doesn’t seem to be too worried with another slow start to the year, but i cant imagine the coaching staff not having any worries with his slow start. Last year they couldn’t rely on the run game at all and i think that had to do with the late season collapse, with the defense getting worn out because the offense couldn’t put together long sustained drives to eat out that clock while giving the defense the rest it needs at the end of a long year. Hill doesn’t seem to threatened from rookie Kevin Gilmore more, but after last nights game I would start paying a little more attention to him from now on. Gilmore showed flashes of the potential he has. On Sunday he had 10 carries for 33 yards and 1 td, but his most impressive play he had was a simple little screen that after catching it and turning up field he made a nice little spin move between 2 defenders to spring himself free to gain 42 yards and its that kind of talent that has this coaching staff so excited to see more out of the rookie. He has now been inserted into the number 2 back behind Hill and one has to wonder by the half way mark of the season if he keeps improving and Hill stays the same will this backfield turn into another dual set up or will the try shopping Hill around and just go to the rookie?

Quick Hits- Malcom butler continues to make his presence felt both good and bad. Came up with a nifty interception, only to get beat later on in the game for an 80 yard touchdown pass on a 1 play drive that saw Cincy give up the lead. Rookie Jon carter continues to impress with his play on the field and his work ethic off the field. Coach Miller said “We have a potential Superstar in the making” when asked about his impressive rookie.