Salem, OR — With a new season just around the corner the league has announced new rule changes. These new changes will take effect at the start of Season 23.

Many of the changes are to deliver a more simulation-style experience, weed out the H2H “cheese” style gameplay and contain things that break the A.I. on both sides of the ball.

Let’s begin with rule changes/additions to the offensive side of the ball –


  • Throwing the ball when outside the numbers is banned, throwing outside the numbers will result in a one-week suspension.
    • This is due to player AI continuously dumbing down once a QB is outside the numbers.
  • Playmaker is no longer allowed, use of it will result in a one-week suspension.
    • While this feature can be great it is unfortunately not implemented properly by EA. The defense AI constantly shows it has no awareness on how to react to it, no matter what defensive play the user picks.
  • Players in motion must come to a complete stop before the snap.
  • Do NOT instantly roll out on offense.
    • Unless the pocket collapses, meaning your QB is forced out of the pocket, you can’t snap and instantly run towards the sidelines.
  • Flipping the play at the line of scrimmage is banned. You may only flip the play in the playbook selection screen.
    • We gathered enough evidence to show that flipping plays at the line of scrimmage often leads to defensive A.I. breaking.


  • You cannot move ANY players pre-snap on defense, outside of shifts, and press/sag off coverage unless you are usering them. If you move a player pre-snap on defense you must user them for that play.

Special teams

  • No scum kicking. Use of this will result in a one-week suspension and an auto loss during the week of the suspension.

Stat Caps

This season we will be introducing Stat Caps which will apply to all games and all positions. It is your responsibility to tell a commissioner why you went over the cap if you believe it was necessary. There are some development scenarios where you might need to get 4 TDs or more yards than what the new stat cap allows. In those cases please send a screenshot of the development scenario screen to the commissioner.

  • 60 points in a game
  • QBs: 450 passing yards OR 4 passing TDs
  • RBs: 300 all-purpose yards OR 3 total TDs
  • WRs: 225 receiving yards OR 3 receiving TDs

Rules are subject to change as the season moves forward. User feedback is welcomed and recommended.