Salem, OR — For fans and other NFL watchers, the Cincinnati Bengals player ratings in “Madden NFL 23” generated a lot of controversy.

The Bengals do have an 85 overall team rating, which is not at all unfavorable. However, specific player rankings had fans scratching their heads, such as Ja’Marr Chase who appeared to be given a poor grade.

Even yet, the Bengals boast one of the best kickers in the league, and players with names like Joe Mixon and Jessie Bates have racked up those high rankings. Even Joe Burrow surpasses the 90 mark when the game first launches.

Take a look below at each Bengals player’s Madden 23 rating and watch some of the players’ reactions to their Madden rating.


To say that it is wonderful to see Burrow receive the 90 rating he merits would be an understatement. It certainly helps that he also boasts exceptional short- and medium-range throwing accuracy.

Bengals QB Ratings for Madden 23

Running Backs

This shows that Joe Mixon is among the NFL’s top running backs. Chris Evans is a popular choice who will likely get more playing time and see an increase in rating.

Bengals HB Ratings for Madden 23

Tight Ends

Hayden Hurst joined the team recently through free agency, and he earned a high rating. If he plays a significant part in the passing game, it’s one that may increase.

Bengals TE Ratings for Madden 23

Wide Receivers

One would anticipate a rating of at least 90 after Chase’s spectacular debut. Higgins also has some issues with being the third-rated receiver.

Bengals WR Ratings for Madden 23

Offensive Line

Collins is undoubtedly a significant improvement for the right side of the line. If Williams maintains his upward path, one could assume that his ratings will increase significantly. If the line as a whole does well, Cappa and Karras may also receive boosts.

Bengals Offensive Line Ratings for Madden 23

Defensive Line

From a Madden standpoint, this pass-rushing front is incredibly successful. It’s simply bad that one of the finest nose tacklers in the game, Reader, doesn’t have the eye-catching numbers and doesn’t have an exceptional rating.

Bengals Defensive Line Ratings for Madden 23

Outside Linebackers

After a breakout season, anticipate Logan Wilson’s rating to keep rising this year. If he can maintain his health, Akeem Davis-Gaither will likely make a breakthrough.

Bengals Outside Linebacker Ratings for Madden 23

Inside Linebackers

As predicted, Germaine Pratt completes the interior’s good rating.

Bengals Inside Linebacker Ratings for Madden 23


It’s good to see Awuzie getting some attention at what may be the position on the roster with the fairest rating.

Bengals Cornerback Ratings for Madden 23


One of the top safeties in the game according to ratings is Jessie Bates. Remember that he and Bell will both be available as free agents following the season.

Bengals Free Safeties Ratings for Madden 23

Special Teams

Based on his debut, McPherson is a top-five kicker in the league, and that won’t change for a while.