Rams fans aren’t happy with the way the season has started

Coming off a emotional win last week, the Rams were looking to avoid a trap game, and see how they measured up to the NFC east Eagles. Quickly breaking the will of the Rams, the Eagles proceeded to Trap, trounce, and gash the young club. “Not going too much into the game plan, we failed to stop the run. we were Trapped, and Trapped, and Trapped.” said Rams coach, Davis. ” I also didn’t appreciate them(Eagles) looking to run the score up either. But that’s all ill say, so i don’t get fined or suspended. Trap.”

The Rams now fall to 1-3, but don’t count them out just yet, last season the Rams were 0-4 in their first four games and went 11-1  in their next 12.

The Eagles mean time go to 4-1 and could take sole possession of the NFC East if the Seahawks take care of business on the road against the Redskins.

Note worthy:

  • After the press conference, Rams coach could be seen slamming the mic down and muttering “Cant wait till I’m outta St. Louis….” Is there change in the air in St. Louis??? only time will tell.
  • This is the second straight season that the Eagles have started the season 4-1.

Season 5 - Week 5: St. Louis Rams vs Philadelphia Eagles
Season 5 – Week 5: St. Louis Rams vs Philadelphia Eagles