Salem, OR — With just one week left in the regular season here are your power rankings through week 16.

1 Yawn. Is the regular season over yet. 14-1
2 Fans all around the state of Tennessee are pleading their case for Mariotta to win MVP. 13-1-1
3 San Francisco isn’t flying under the radar any longer. Sunday’s beat down of the AFC North division leading Browns proves they are for real. 4 13-2
4 Sunday’s loss has Browns fans wondering if this team can go far in the playoffs. -1 11-4
5 Tough last second loss to the Falcons in week 16 but should serve as a wake up call. The Colts will be locked in and focused for the playoffs. -1 10-4-1
6 The Eagles look to put the Falcons in their place in week 17. 11-4
7 The Chargers have been electrifying lately, winners of five in a row. 1 12-3
8 What a defensie stand. The Packers picked Cowboys QB Andrew Luck off in the endzone to seal the victory Sunday. -3 10-5
9 The Jaguars are holding onto the last AFC wild card spot by the skin of their sharp teeth. 5 9-6
10 An impressive win this past win at home vs. the Colts has this Falcons team firing on all cylinders heading into the playoffs. 3 9-6
11 The Lion’s love that Green Bay has to play the red hot 49ers in week 17. Any slip up could make way for a divisonal crown in Detroit. -2 9-6
12 Tough game week 17 for the Bears as they have to face the Chargers. A loss could mean they are watching the playoffs from their couch. 4 9-6
13 After last week’s power rankings the Panthers vowed to prove us wrong. So far they have done that, winning their last four games. 10 8-7
14 The Saints could be marching home for the playoffs. -2 8-7
15 Pittsburgh welcomes a new coach in a must win game. -5 8-7
16 Giants fans aren’t missing Eli. -5 8-7
17 A blimp over the stadium caught David Johnson, the NFL’s leading rusher, signaling for help during the game. -2 7-7-1
18 The media is wondering whether the Jets coach is having regrets about switching to the AFC. -1 7-8
19 Buffalo is supposively thinking of about moving up in the draft to select a top defensive prospect. -1 6-9
20 These “Chefs” have been serving wins to opponents in five of their last six weeks. 6-9
21 Mediocrity. Fans want more next season. The Rams want their star players to stay healthy. 7-8
22 A new coach and a couple of inspired losses. I think this team found the missing link that will propel them to the playoffs next season. 2 4-11
23 Heartbreaking loss this week. If the Cowboys want to make the playoffs next season Luck has to be more careful with the ball. -1 5-9-1
24 Starting QB Ryan Tannehill was spotted eating sushi during Sunday’s route vs. Pittsburgh. This would be on the front page of ESPN but cmon, it’s the Dolphins. No one cares. 1 5-10
25 It’s sad that just a couple of weeks ago we were talking possible playoff spot for Washington. That’s gone. -6 5-10
26 It got so bad in Houston that K Sebastian Janikowski was brought in to lead the team at quarterback. Things didn’t go so well. 1 4-11
27 Wholesale changes must be made in the offseason. This team isn’t any good. 1 4-11
28 Head coach Pete Carroll’s seat is hotter than Reggie Bush’s bank account at USC. 1 4-11
29 We suck so bad we can’t even tank properly. 3 3-12
30 Let’s eat those L’s boys! -4 4-11
31 First is the worst, second is the best. -1 3-12
32 Let’s go #1 pick! -1 2-13