Salem, OR — Let’s take a look now at the Power Rankings through week 11. A lot of shuffling went on this week, with teams like the Tennessee Titans jumping up four spots thanks in part to their sweep of the Jacksonville Jaguars and with it they extended their win streak to six, which is the longest active win streak in the league.

1 Four out of their remaining five games are against teams that won’t make the playoffs. First round bye here they come. 10-1-0
2 Watch out Patriots and Browns. This team could spell trouble in the playoffs. 4 9-1-1
3 The Browns are on a mission for their third consecutive AFC North division title. No one is going to stop them. -1 8-3-0
4 Although close, week 11’s loss to the Panthers at home might have clinched the division for the Titans. -1 7-3-1
5 This defense is dominant, there is no question there. Can the offense find themselves in time for the playoffs? 6 8-3-0
6 Another close one as the Eagles escape on the road in Dallas with the victory. Brutal two games stretch though as they face off against the Packers and Patriots. -1 8-3-0
7 No one is giving any love to the 49ers and they’ve only lost two games all season. #SLEEPERPICK 1 9-2-0
8 The Chargers rebounded week 12 to beat the Vikings on the road after a devestating loss at home to the Packers. -4 8-3-0
9 A hungry lion is bound to wage a hard battle. These Lions are hungry folks, get out of their way. -2 7-4-0
10 A wildcard spot is still within grasp but the Steelers need to finish strong. 4 6-5-0
11 A leadership change in New York could throw a wrench in the mix for the Eagles. -2 6-5-0
12 A slim lead in the NFC South sees the Saints nervous as they head down the last stretch of the season. 6 7-4-0
13 A terrible loss in week eleven followed up with a huge win in week twelve leaves Falcons fans wondering who this team is. 2 6-5-0
14 The Jaguars found out just how good the Titans are. 2 6-5-0
15 Three straight losses and the Cardinals’ season is hanging on the edge of a knife. -3 5-5-1
16 Streaks. Three game winning streak, followed by a five game losing streak, and now the Bears are on a two game winning streak. What a rollercoaster of a season! 4 5-6-0
17 Week 10 rematch this week as the Jets look for some payback against the Patriots. 6-5-0
18 Josh Allen is young and the Bills organization is hoping he can cut down on his 19 interceptions going forward. -5 5-6-0
19 A very favorable schedule to end the season, the Redskins need to capitalize. -9 5-6-0
20 The Chiefs have started three different quarterbacks this season. You won’t win like that. -1 5-6-0
21 The Rams looked to prove they belonged in the playoffs conversation. Then they went on the road to San Francisco. 4-7-0
22 While this season might be over, Luck and the Cowboys have been playing much better as of late. 4 3-7-1
23 Carolina showed up for three quarters Sunday. They let the last quarter, along with their season, slip away. 4-7-0
24 The Ravens showed this past week that they have heart and aren’t going to tank the rest of the season. 5 4-7-0
25 Miami will be looking to draft a quarterback in this upcoming NFL draft. 4-7-0
26 The Bucs find themselves at the bottom of the NFC South with no momentum whatsoever. -4 2-9-0
27 It’s been no rodeo in Houston this season. 3-8-0
28 I got a new game we can play. It’s called “Hide the Wins.” Trust me, you’ll love it. 4-7-0
29 Running the ball in the NFL is crucial and the Seahawks have been atrocious. 1 4-7-0
30 The Vikings have dropped seven of their last eight games. -6 2-9-0
31 The Broncos’s last five games have resulted in five double digit losses and four of them were at home. 2-9-0
32 Oh no! We suck again! 2-9-0