Salem, OR — Seven weeks remain in the regular season. A lot of teams are fighting for their playoff lives, while other are just playing for pride. Let’s take a look now at the Power Rankings through week 10.

1 The Patriots got back to doing what they do best. Blowing people out. 8-1-0
2 The Browns defense is only allowing 14.5 PPG, which is rated number one in the league. These guys are good. 7-2-0
3 The Colts are the only team to have given the Patriots a loss but are in a tight divisional battle with the Titans. 6-2-1
4 It looked like the Chargers were going to take a loss vs. the Raiders but a late kick return touchdown sealed the win. 7-2-0
5 Winners of five straight, the Eagles are so hot right now. In other news, QB Carzon Wentz has decided to open up a center for kids who can’t read good. 7-2-0
6 “We will be perfect in every aspect of the game. You drop a pass, you run a mile. You miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. Perfection. Let’s go to work.” – Titans coach 7-1-1
7 The Lions have come out of the gate swinging this year and have surprised a lot of analysts. 6-3-0
8 The 49ers traded for Cam Newton so that their 19th ranked passing attack would improve. How is that going? He threw for five touchdowns this week. 7-2-0
9 After blowing a lead in the 4th quarter to their divisional rival Cowboys one player could be heard in the locker room saying, “That’s it, I’m leaving the country! I’m moving to New Mexico.” 6-3-0
10 The Redskins had a chance to be leading the NFC East with a win Sunday vs. the Eagles. They couldn’t hold on and now find themselves a couple of games out of first. 5-4-0
11 Green Bay sacked Lions’s QB Matthew Stafford three times, picked him off once, and held him to under 150 yards passing. 6-3-0
12 Arizona has only come away with one win in the last month. With how tight the NFC playoff race is, that needs to improve. 5-3-1
13 The Bills defense is top 10 in passing yards allowed, rushing yards allowed, and points allowed but their offense is struggling to find itself. 5-4-0
14 The AFC North is a two team race and they still have to play each other twice before season’s end. 5-4-0
15 The Falcons rose up for their new head coach vs. the Cardinals. They are going to need to do the same next week when they go on the road to Tennessee. 5-4-0
16 A hot start to the season has fizzled as the Jaguars are losers of four of their last six games. They hope to right the ship this week in Tampa Bay. 5-4-0
17 After week nine’s loss to the Colts the Patriots were mad. Unfortunately, the Jets were the next team on the Patriot’s schedule and felt their wrath. 5-4-0
18 The Saints are missing HB Alvin Kamara and they will need to come up with a better gameplan as they deal with his injury for the next four weeks. 5-4-0
19 After a rough start the Chiefs are winners of three of their last four games. Time will tell who the real Chiefs are. 5-4-0
20 After an (0-6) start, these Rams have shown heart winning three straight. The battle isn’t over as they still have to survive another three weeks without superstar HB Todd Gurley. 3-6-0
21 The Cowboys traded away Dak Prescott for Andrew Luck. How has Luck rewarded them? 22 interceptions…2nd most in the NFL. 3-5-1
22 Four straight losses has derailed this once promising season. 2-7-0
23 The Cardiac Cats earned their nickname this week, blocking an extra point with a minute left to go in the 4th quarter against the Saints to send the game to overtime. #KEEPPOUNDING 3-6-0
24 Bottom half of the league in offense, bottom half of the league in defense. These Bears have been declawed. 3-6-0
25 Rumors are starting to circulate whether or not the Vikings coach will finish the season. This team has too much talent not do be better. 2-7-0
26 Attention fantasy owners, the Dolphins are giving up 300 yards passing per game. 2-7-0
27 Bright spot Texans fans. Your kicker is tied in the NFL for the longest kick at 57 yards. 2-7-0
28 Attention fantasy owners, the Raiders are giving up 120 yards rushing per game. 2-7-0
29 Lamar Jackson has been sacked 16 times this season. Dear management, please draft big fatties. – Sincerely, Ravens Fans 3-6-0
30 The Legion of Boom has turned into a Legion of Busts. 2-7-0
31 Yo Bengals….we aren’t last. 2-7-0
32 Yo Broncos…we’re tanking for the number one pick. There is a can’t miss quarterback prospect coming out of Oregon. 1-8-0