Log in to the site and click on points history to view your activities.
Log in to the site and click on points history to view your activities.

Hello everyone! If you haven’t heard, we’re making some changes to Free agency and trades this season. In the past we limited each owner to one FA or trade proposal per week and while that has worked out well, we want to allow you guys the ability to do more. So starting today we will be activating a new point system that will allow you to pick up an extra free agent or make additional trade proposals.

Another reason for the new points system is to create more participation by everyone in the league, so the more you participate the more points you’ll earn.  Below is a breakdown of the points system –


Points system

  • You will need 15 points to gain an additional free agent signing or trade proposal.
  • Points will EXPIRE at the end of the Super bowl.
  • Top 5 users in points will be placed into a drawing for a prize.
  • Your points total is shown in your profile page and can also be viewed when you hover over your user name on the system menu bar.

Point values (you MUST register into the website in order to accumulate points)

  • News Posts (minimum of two paragraphs. You can write as many stories as you want a week, but you are limited to one per day.) = 2 points
  • Comments = 1 points (lol, ok, or one word comments will not count towards this. It might appear temporarily in your points total but it will be deducted by the system and noted by Sean. Comment points are limited to )
  • Logins (The system will only give you 1 point every 24 hours.) = 1 points
  • Referrals = 1 points
  • Scheduling (scheduling vs the CPU does not count.) = 3 points

Negative points

In order to avoid receiving negative points…

  • DON’T reply late; each opposing team has about 2 days to reply to a scheduling post
  • If you’re going out for the week, please let the opposing team know!
  • Failure to reply to a scheduling post will result with a -2


Since this is the first time we have done this we ask you to give us any feedback you might have, any ideas, any question, etc… We want to hear about it! Thanks and we can’t wait to get started!

Note:  We are working on upgrading the league rules to reflect the new point system, it is up to you to check the rules and make sure you are up to date on them.