SALEM, OR — As the 2K Online Franchise League progresses into Week 16, the playoff landscape is becoming increasingly defined. While some teams are gearing up for a postseason run, others have found themselves mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. This update provides a clear picture of which teams are officially out of the race and which are hanging on by a thread.

AFC Teams Out of the Race:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: With a 4-10 record, the Steelers’ playoff aspirations have ended.
  • Houston Texans: The Texans, standing at 4-10, are officially out of playoff contention.
  • Las Vegas Raiders: Also at 4-10, the Raiders’ season will not extend into the playoffs.

NFC Teams No Longer in Contention:

  • Chicago Bears: The Bears, with a 0-14 record, have long been out of the playoff picture.
  • Arizona Cardinals: At 4-10, the Cardinals have no path to the postseason.
  • Seattle Seahawks: With a 4-10 record, the Seahawks’ playoff hopes have been dashed.

Teams with Slim Playoff Hopes:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Despite a 6-8 record, the Jaguars are technically still in the race, but their chances are extremely slim.
  • Carolina Panthers: The Panthers, also at 6-8, have a faint glimmer of hope but face an uphill battle.
  • Dallas Cowboys: At 6-8, the Cowboys are not yet mathematically eliminated but need a lot to go their way.

As the regular season nears its conclusion, these teams will now shift their focus to finishing strong and building towards the next season. Meanwhile, the playoff-bound teams will continue to jostle for seeding and prepare for the high-stakes games ahead.