Salem, OR — Ever wonder what goes into coming up with player ratings for Madden? From the looks of it, it takes a team of nine analyst to come up with ratings that will capture a players essence and skills in a game that is played by millions each and every year. The video below is a glimpse into how it all comes together for the team at EA Sports in Orlando Florida.

Thanks but, no thanks

While it’s great for players to make it into the latest version of Madden, not all are happy with the results. Take for example Dallas Cowboys LE DeMarcus Lawrence, who had an outstanding season in this league, with 16 sacks and worked himself up to a 94 rating. But, once the new Madden is released, Lawrence will be seeing himself drop to a 90 overall rating.

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen had similar thoughts.

Chicago Bears backup quarterback Chase Daniel broke down the numbers for some of his teammates.

Overall, it’s a mix of emotions for players…

If it’s in the game, it’s in the game

While ratings get debated, there are somethings that no one can argue with as they are as authentic as it gets. Like Tom Brady‘s infamous “No high five”.

Don’t forget your t-shirt

Safety Tony Jefferson probably summed up the feelings of most players after the ratings reveal.